As a staff member/user

1. ~report the user

As a TripSitter

1. Verbal warning to please chill out or leave the room.

  • In the event of serious trolls, this may be skipped.

2. ~quiet [time] <#channel> <username> <reason> to quiet problematic users in #tripsit.

3. ~report <user> and discuss the problem with other staff in #teamtripsit.

4. Join, say ~teamtripsit, and give detailed information to the staff.

As a Moderator

When you receive a ~report about a user, or witness the activity yourself:

1. Check the rules matrix for a general idea of how certain situations should be dealt with (please note this may be slightly out of date, ask if you are unsure)

2. Verbal warning to please chill out.

  • If user is doing a serious infraction, this may be skipped, and you may immediately:

3. ~quiet the user for a specified time limit.

  • For minor infractions 10 minutes is a pretty good number.

4. Talk to the user.

  • This may be the most important step. A user needs to know what they did wrong and should hear it from a human rather than a robot.

5. ~warn the user (if necessary) providing information about the encounter.

  • Warning will be sent via PM on most occasions as to avoid drama in the main channels and a note will be added to their record.
  • Occasionally public warnings will be issued to show to others what the rules are, but please don't "make an example" out of anyone.

6. If a ~warn is not necessary, ~notify of the outcome of the interaction.

7. If the above ~quiet was not timed, remember to undo the quiet.

  • You can use ~remindme

Remember to keep logs and documentation on TripCloud when necessary.

Thanks for reading! <3

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