In Gabon, the species Mostuea gabonica Baillon

and Mostuea stimulans Chevalier, known locally as

sata mbwanda or sete mbwunde, are regarded as

potent aphrodisiacs. Their effects are said to be

identical to those of Tabernanthe iboga. The roots

of the plants, which have a taste like that of cola

nuts (Cola spp.), produce euphoria and inebriation.

The root was chewed extensively throughout

the night and was swallowed by itself or mixed

with iboga to produce sexual excitation (Chevalier

1946, 1947). Alkaloids are present in the genus

Mostuea. The root cortex of Mostuea stimulans

contains 0.330/0 alkaloids of an unknown structure.

They have a pharmacological activity like

sempervirine and gelsemine (cf. Gelsemium sempervirens)

and effects similar to those of strychnine

(de Smet 1996, 144*).

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