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Heroin (diacetylmorphine, morphine diacetate and also diamorphine) was first synthesized in 1874 by English chemist C.R. Wright. But its commercial value was first recognized in 1897 by Heinrich Dreser and Felix Hoffman at the Bayer pharmaceutical laboratory - the same researchers who invented aspirin, which is is made by a similar process. Heroin was intended to be a less-addictive substitute for other common opiates.

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, heroin was common in over-the-counter medicines, but it was made illegal in the United States in 1924 through the Heroin Act. In the second half of the twentieth century, heroin was widely stigmatized as the quintessential illicit drug, as images of urban heroin addicts were propagated by media reports.

Types of heroin

1: Morphine freebase or another form of morphine.

2: Heroin acetate or Heroin freebase.

3: "Supposedly" 60% Heroin HCl and 40% Caffeine however it is usually found in as Heroin freebase, which needs something like citric acid to be added before it will dissolve in water.

4: Heroin HCl, which is a white or grey-ish substance that can be snorted or injected without treatment to make it soluble, but cannot be easily smoked.

Black tar heroin. In a sense does not fall under the above number, as it uses a completely different method from opium to Heroin. Contains 6-MAM and 3-MAM (which binds relatively weak to the μ-Opioid receptors).


Note: Purity varies wildly, and with such the dose does also.

Common (no tolerance) 5-15mg
Strong (no tolerance) 10-20mg
Common (with tolerance) 20-30mg
Strong (with tolerance) 30-50mg
Common 10-20mg
Strong 20-30mg


When injected intravenously, smoked, or insufflated, heroin produces a wash of euphoria followed by a period of sedation lasting for 2-4 hours. Intramuscular and subcutaneous injection typically lack the initial wave of intense euphoria, and cause feelings of sedation lasting three to five hours.

Onset 3-5 seconds
Total 4-5 hours
Onset 5-15 seconds
Peak 5-10 minutes
Total 3-5 hours

Harm Reduction

  • Always have Narcan when using heroin, which can save your life if you OD. Be in the presence of other people who can help you if you OD
  • Do not drive or use heavy machinery
  • Do not mix heroin (or other opiates) with benzos or alcohol. For a full list of interactions view Drug combinations


A common misconception is that grapefruit juice potentiates morphine and/or Heroin. It does not.

Any first generation anti-histamines.

Conversion from freebase Heroin to a salt

Converting the freebase version of Heroin to a salt version impacts the chemical in subjectively positive and negative effects, lets begin with listing those.

Pros: - Easily water soluble (Easy IVing and snorting, also snorting has an notable increase in potency as the heroin is now able to easily pass the mucous membrane) - You have 'more' as you add powder to your Heroin but depending on your route of administration (RoA from now on) this can even increase potency

Neutral: - It changes the color of the Heroin

Cons: - Not smokeable anymore (freebase Heroin is made for that and thus way better if your RoA is smoking/vaping)

So basically if you got freebase Heroin and wanna smoke/vape it? Stay with your freebase. You wanna IV or snort it though? Definitely get some kind of acid! These are your safe, and most of the time, cheap options: - ascorbic acid powder (vitamin C) -> turns your Heroin into Heroin Ascorbate - citric acid powder (DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT USE LEMON JUICE TO IV HEROIN. IT CAN MAKE YOU BLIND) -> turns your Heroin into - vinegar (same as above! it's just listed it for completions sake, I highly recommend to use ascorbic acid ) -> turns your Heroin into Heroin Citrate (same as popular 'ECP')

I could sadly not find any information on difference in strength but I suppose all 3 CAN be slightly different and depending on your body, metabolism and more.

So whats the ratio? You only need very little of one of those 3 options and all the heroin should dissolve in water, but if you snort it you must mix it up pretty good in order for it to work exactly how it's supposed to and with full strength.

Some words from a fellow member

Hello fellow & former opiate/heroin addicts. I have some very important information that may save your life one day.

There's a good chance you've heard it before, but cannot emphasize how strong its so important to know the following critical information:

  • If you relapse after having a week or more clean time, you have very well may die. Why, you ask? Most cases involve an individual who managed to get clean for a fair amount of time and relapse, often using the same dose they normally would use. Sometimes even less. In fact, I'd wager that at least 70% of heroin related deaths are from who make this lethal mistake. I feel obligated to make this post, as one of my closest friends died last month after making this common mistake.

There is more to keep in mind. Many people are not very bright, and don't realize how serious drug interactions can be, ESPECIALLY with little to no tolerance. A lot of other overdoses occur from people mixing heroin/opiates/alcohol with benzos. Without serious tolerance to all/any of these drugs, especially benzos, this is an incredibly potential lethal combination. I have been using opiates/heroin for well over 5 years now, and nearly every time I hear about someone overdosing & dying, it is either a result of benzos+opiates/alcohol, or from relapsing without stopping to think about how low their tolerance has become.

A third killer is easily a result from mixing heroin with cocaine. It is true that many experienced users are able to handle a speedball, but even with a high tolerance, people still have died. And I assure you, cocaine overdose is NOT fun. The majority of users don't speedball, and if you haven't tried coke+heroin IV, do yourself a favor and just don't try it or your addiction will get far worse. I sincerely hope any heroin/opiate/benzo/alcohol users will heed my warning & remember this vital information forever. Share it with your friends, but most of all, be SAFE.

~ soli