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The TripSit team has collected information about a number of drugs, which is being updated and revised continually as more information becomes available. You can access this repository online or through our IRC network using the ~drug command.


The factsheet system also has an open JSON API, which you can use to integrate the drug data into your own applications or use for your own purposes.


The API is a simple rest-based JSON API, which can be accessed by sending a GET request to the following path:


Substituting the name parameter for the drug of your choice.


Use of the data from factsheets, whether copied directly or obtained through the API is free-of-charge for non-commercial purposes. We only require that your application links back to either this page, the Factsheets homepage, or the specific factsheet page of the drug concerned. This should be accompanied with a note citing TripSit as the source for the particular piece(s) of information on every page which uses/displays the information. If you wish to use factsheet data, we ask you to consider using the API to pull the information (either into a semi-regularly updating cache or live), so that any changes to our information will be automatically reflected in the application without manual work.

tripbot is based on the open-source dbot software.

Disclaimer and Updates

This information has been researched to the best ability by the TripSit team, and the greatest effort has been made not to include incorrect or misleading information - though some information may not be 100% accurate. These factsheets are designed as a quick reference, not a definitive source on drug information. Use at your own risk, and please try to be safe.

In the case that there is any ambiguity in terms of dosing guidelines, we have tended towards the lower dosage range.

If you spot any incorrect information on the factsheets or have any feature requests, then please get in contact with us by sending an email to reality @ tripsit.me.


The development of this software and the cultivation of the data in it takes a lot of work from the TripSit team, so if you wish to support the TripSit project then please check out our donations page.