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Synthetic cannabinoids often get a bad reputation. Certainly consuming an unknown cannabinoid at an unknown dose is a recipe for disaster. While only buying pure products easily resolves the first issue, the second issue is the reason motivating this document's creation. Everybody knows that doing too much of any cannabinoid, including natural ones, is unpleasant. By vaporizing a fluid containing the cannabinoid from readily available equipment sold to vaporize nicotine containing e-liquids getting the right dose is very easy.


Essentially, all that needs to be done is dissolve a strong synthetic cannabinoid in propylene glycol (PG) and/or vegetable glycerin (VG) and then vape it like it was a normal e-liquid. Success has been had using AB-FUBINACA at around 5~9mg/ml. The effects are short in duration but since electronic cigarettes are designed to be used all day to prevent nicotine withdrawal, redosing is easy.


AB-FUBINACA is not judged to be very good tasting by most individuals. Other cannabinoids are unlikely to rate much better in taste. While one can just dissolve a saturated solution into PG and vape it, most do not like the resultant aste. The taste can quickly motive one to working on solutions to make the vapor more pleasant. Another issue with the simple PG solution is the vapor that is produced is airy and insubstantial. While VG aids in vapor production it seems to not hold as much of the cannabinoid in it, precipitates may form when adding VG to a PG mixture supersaturated with AB-FUBINACA. The simplest solution to both of these problems is to use a commercially available e-liquid with 0mg/ml of nicotine in it and add the cannabinoid. Keep in mind that one will still be able to taste the cannabinoid in the juice produced so it is best to pick a strong flavor that can stand up to it. The disadvantage of this method is the cost. The raw materials are sold at a huge markup. A more frugal solution is to make one's own e-juice and then dissolve the agent into it. There are a number of good diy ejuice websites available. Remember that juice that is of high PG content will generally hold more cannabinoid.


Fully dissolving the selected cannabinoid can be difficult. Even finely grinding the powder, trying to dissolve it over a long period of time, long stir times, or even hot water baths can still leave undissolved particulate. Waiting for the precipitate to fall to the bottom and ciphoning off the solution can deliver a clarified liquid, but this will waste a cetain amount of otherwise usable material. A better solution is a small electronic milk frother. This device will very quickly whip up the mixture, getting an even distribution and filling the juice full of tiny air bubbles. If one still sees some small bits left over after it goes clear again, one can whip it up some more until the clarity is satisfactory. However, even a method as crude as adding the powder to a bottle of premade liquid and then shaking vigorously for a long period seems to work if one does not mind a little waste and some ugly bits in the juice. The amount of cannabinoid needed in the solution depends somewhat on what deviced is used to vaporize it, tolerance, and how much vapor one wants to consume for effects. Less expensive 'starter' setups deliver the active ingredient slower than something like a rebuildable dripping atomizer. 5mg/ml or even less can be used with a setup that is capabable of delivering more than a dozen watts of power.


If one already vapes, then the equipment needed to use the e-juice is available. If one does not, a very basic starter kit will work. A starter kit can cost a little as 30 USD a at a local retailer. Some individuals have had trouble vaporizing it quick enough to intoxicate themselves using some setup, ut this seems rare. Even the lowest price equipment from Ebay can work.