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What is Tripsit Wiki?

The TripSit Wiki is an information portal which exists as a part of the TripSit Network, which aims to provide in-depth harm reduction information for all psychoactive drugs.

TripSit itself is a community-orientated harm reduction community, and our Wiki is being developed alongside our other resources to aid users in practising safe drug use, as well as gathering practical knowledge on substance use. We provide information both about specific substances, and practical guides on various aspects of drug preparation and use.

You can contact the TripSit team by sending an email to [email protected].

Other TripSit Resources

  • Factsheets - Our factsheets contain compact and easily digestible information on a wide range of drugs, designed as a quick reference for users.
  • Main Website - Our primary site contains more information about TripSit as an organisation, and includes a blog where we post recent harm reduction news.
  • IRC - Our IRC server is the life-blood of our network, where we provide 24/7 support for trippers, provide advice for users and aim to provide a safe environment free of judgement and negativity.