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Network rules

All Snoonet network rules are in effect.

A full list is here.

General rules

  • Do not ask where to buy drugs
  • Do not insult other users; take heated arguments to private chat
  • Do not say where to buy drugs
  • Do not ask for money, BTC, or users to send you drugs
  • Impersonating an officer of the law will get you kicked until you change your name. Repeated attempts to join with the same name will be banned.

Just because something isn't listed here does not mean it is allowed. Use common sense and don't do questionable things. If you are not sure feel free to ask a channel operator.

If someone is breaking rules in a channel, you can use '~report [#channel] [user] [reason]' to report them to the channel operators. You can use this command in the channel or in a private message to tripbot. Using this command means a channel operator will be directly messaged about the infringement and will come to investigate at the first available opportunity. Furthermore, it means a timestamp of the event occurring will be communicated for later investigation and allows admins to easily see when multiple issues have arisen. You can help keep the IRC channels places you want to be by reporting users who are breaking the rules!

#drugs information

The #drugs channel is for discussing drugs in a general sense.

This includes dosage, effects, routes of administration, and just general chat.

#tripsit information

This channel is for people currently under the effects of any type of drug. Only light-hearted and positive conversation here. We all know how easily a trip can turn bad just by a simple thought. Anyone caught being facetious will be warned and then banned if need be.