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'''Please use the ~report command (~report #channel user reasonhere) if you see a tripsit user break any rule, guideline or policy listed below!'''
#REDIRECT [[Rules]]
= Network rules =
By connecting and remaining connected to this server you agree to the following binding terms:
1. You indemnify, it's owner and it's staff, from all liability of your use on this site.
2. You acknowlege IRC is a free, real-time, unmoderated media.
3. You agree to hold responsible yourself, and no other for the consequences of your actions while here.
4.  You agree your remaining connected to this server, as acceptance of these terms.
5.  If you do not agree to these terms, you must disconnect now.
6.  All Snoonet network rules are in effect.
A full list is [ here.]
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= Discipline =
If you are unclear about why you are getting warned/reported/kicked/banned, please discuss with the staff in  Please do not take any of this personally.  We love you all!
'''1. Written warning'''
* Warning will be sent via PM on most occasions as to avoid drama in the main channels
'''2. Kick'''
* Kicks will be issued after a warning on most cases
* Kicks may be used without providing a warning if a user is clearly trolling or the discussion has to be stopped immediately
* Kicks are mostly to send a message to the user and to other users that this behavior is not tolerated
* Kicks aren't that big a deal; you can rejoin the channel immediately
'''3. Ban'''
* Repeat offenders will be considered for a temporary or permanent ban
* Each situation is different, so temporary and permanent bans will be handled case by case
* All bannings are discussed by severla mods unless there are other circumstances -
* tripbot will have information regarding banning. Simply enter  ~ban_[user]
'''Meta talk regarding BTC and SR is allowed'''
*  Talk regarding vendors, prices, specifics about products or transaction details is stritcly prohibited and treated the same as sourcing (Insta-kick as a first and only warning, Ban on repeat offense)

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