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Contact Us

Technical problems can be brought up in #help.

The #help room has staff there to address anything related to technical problems with the IRC network, subreddit, or website.
If you need help connecting via our TOR client, this is the channel to get assistance.
This is not a room to get help with drug information, and you will be kindly redirected to #tripsit or #drugs for that.

You may talk to the TripSit Managers to ask questions or give feedback via IRC in the channel

You can access this room on IRC by saying '/join or using this link.
Please join this room if you are unclear or need further explanation about any IRC rules.
We ask that non-staff do not idle in this room, so when you are finished, please leave the channel using the /part #channel command.

If rules are broken, use the ~report command to notify staff

Syntax is: ~report <#channel> <user> <reason>
Rules are enforced by the TripSit staff; as much as we try, we cannot monitor every aspect of our network all the time.
We encourage users to use reports to get attention to a situation quickly.
Should you witness a user breaking one of the following rules, use the ‘~report’ command to notify the TripSit staff.
Try to be as clear and detailed as possible when explaining the nature of the event.

Ban evasion will extend your ban, please email appeals (at) tripsit (dot) me to appeal a ban

Do not evade a ban issued to you. Ban evasion will result in a removal from the server (k-line) and an extension of the ban.
Ban evasion is when you enter a TripSit room while still under the effect of a ban, regardless of how you entered the room.
This includes making a new Nickserv account, changing your IP or doing anything else to get around the ban.
While banned, you can still enter non-TripSit rooms and
If you wish to discuss a ban, email the admins at appeals (at) tripsit (dot) me.

To appeal a k-line, email the admins

If you have been removed from the network with a k-line, you can send an email to appeals (at) tripsit (dot) me.
We will investigate and get back to you as soon as we can.
You can also send a modmail to /r/tripsit, but please, do not make a post on /r/tripsit.

Acceptance of terms

Using our network is an acceptance of the rules and terms of service

By using and remaining connected to this site and any other site owned and operated by TripSit (, you signify your agreement to the terms, conditions and notices of this policy.

By continuing to enter and browse TripSit and its systems, you are implying that you have read, understand and are in agreement with all of the terms stated in this document.

Network-Wide Prohibited Use

Rules have been established to protect TripSit and its members against abuse

Do not use our network for illegal activity

TripSit is an informational and community resource, which does not advocate breaking any laws.
Do not use TripSit for unlawful purposes, including, without limitation:
Posting or exchanging any information on ongoing or future criminal activity, any information that can be construed as discussing such activity or actively encouraging others to engage in criminal activities.

Do not post torrents or other pirating sites

Do not post any content that is copyrighted by another, or invasive of another's privacy.
This includes linking to any peer-to-peer sites, such as torrent search engines that allow access to copyrighted material.

Do not harass people

TripSit is a positive place and is not the community for harassment or other negative behavior.
Do not post any content that victimizes, harasses, degrades, or intimidates an individual or group of individuals based on race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or any other reason.
Depending on the severity, you may either be quieted, banned or removed entirely.

Do not impersonate staff

Do not act as an official representative of TripSit.
Do not use other Internet sites to promote libelous or slanderous messages about TripSit or incite abuse against TripSit.
Do not associate a third-party website with TripSit without authorization.

Do not take down TripBot or any of our systems

Do not intentionally overload any of our systems.
Do not interfere with service to any user or host including, without limitation, mail bombing, flooding, and attempting to deliberately overload the system.
This includes any of our web services such as the IRC network and TripBot.

Do not hack us or otherwise take unauthorized control of our systems

Do not attempt to gain unauthorized access to data, accounts or systems of this service.
This includes probing, scaning or testing the vulnerability of a system of this service; disseminate in any way, content originally posted in any staff-only area of this service.

Do not collect or post personal information on people

Posting personal information about channel members, or doxing, is grounds for a permanent network ban.
Trying to collect personal info of users is dealt with in the same manner.

Do not publicly link to other communication services. (EG: Kageshi, discord, tinychat, rabbit.)

While you can invite your friends to join in PM, we appreciate that our users refrain from posting links to these services in any public channels.
This includes asking people to join you on these services in public chat or ask people to PM you for a link.

Do not ruin the TripSit community for others

Do not use TripSit for any purpose which could impair any other party's use or enjoyment of this site.
We are a community, and everyone on the internet deserves to enjoy being here.
Actions that make this community anything less than a pleasant place to be will be dealt with appropriately.

No information is better than wrong information

If you are not 100% positive about the advice you are thinking about giving, do not say it.
It is still better to inform the person there may be no current information rather than staying silent and having them wonder if anyone noticed it.
In most instances, people on the internet are not qualified to provide medical advice.
Members of the TripSit community are extremely knowledgeable, wise, and often have ample life experience in a range of situations pertaining to drug use; however, they are no substitute for a personal doctor.
If you do not have sources to validate your advice, do not say anything related to medical advice.

Do not suggest harmful actions to others

It is against the rules to endorse or encourage dangerous behavior regarding drug consumption.
The TripSit community is devoted to harm reduction, support, and positvitiy, and we will never recommend or tolerate dangerous or reckless drug use.
Users identified as continually engaging in reckless drug-use behavior are seen as a bad influence on the community as a whole, actively working against our mission to be a a harm-reduction community devoted to positive support.
All users are expected to discourage drug dosages, drug combinations, or any drug experimentation which could be reliably considered unsafe.

Do not try to buy or sell substances, currencies or services, or post identifying information about a vendor

TL;DR If it contains any information about a vendor, either via text, links, phone numbers, addresses, or otherwise. It is not allowed.

Attempting to solicit or obtain currencies/bitcoins, contraband substances or substances of a quasi-legal status or information on how to do so is not allowed.

Sourcing is defined as:

Discussion, requesting or posting the personally identifying information of websites, online vendors (this includes websites such as Amazon) and real-life people who sell or coordinate the purchase, distribution, or production of: Chemicals (legal, grey-area, or illegal), services and currencies (bitcoin).

Keep in mind sarcasm is hard to tell on the internet; it is also against the rules to jokingly ask for or link to sources.

Vendor A person or group selling or distributing specific goods.
Marketplace A trade hub on which vendors trade goods.
Linking Posting a URL hyperlink into a channel.

We do not allow

Linking to chemical or currency vendors. Legal, clearnet, or otherwise (Also known as 'sourcing')

This includes, but is not limited to:
Legal psychoactives, such as caffeine, nootropics, or tobacco
Darknet marketplaces
Research Chemicals
"Legal Highs"
Herbal supplements or blends

Linking to vendor discussion pages, where vendor names and their products are clearly visible.

This includes, but is not limited to:

Linking to E-juice or other nicotine vendors

Nicotine is a mild psychoactive and potentially deadly.
Flavored glycerin with nicotine, otherwise known as E-juice, contains nicotine, a mild psychoactive and potentially deadly substance.
Since we cannot establish the quality of the product, for the safety of our members, we do not allow the linking to E-juice vendors.

Soliciting currencies (bitcoin) and/or substances, and services of a quasi-legal or illegal nature

This includes, but is not limited to:
Asking for currencies in a public channel.
Asking for drugs in a public channel (Remember, sarcasm is hard to tell on the internet).
Asking for a vendor's or a dealer's name (This includes doctors), URL, PGP key or any other contact information.
Selling currencies or drugs in a public channel.
Services of a quasi-legal or illegal nature, including prostitutes, sex workers, or hitmen.

Discussion of vendors

The following are unacceptable questions:
"How is reliable is [vendor]?"
"Hey how much does Vendor's weed sell for?"
"How much does [Chemical] cost on"
"Does [Vendor] on [Marketplace] have good [Drug]"
Discussing the specifics or otherwise going in depth to the mechanics of online vending.

We Allow

Discussion of brand name products

Linking to harm reduction equipment is allowed (Such as scales or test kits) but please check that the source doesn't contain any chemicals

Linking to paraphernalia and harm reduction equipment

Harm reduction equipment includes:
Test Kits
Sterile needles
Sterile water
Nitrous dispensers
Water Pipes

TripSit Channel Policies

Use common sense and do not do questionable things

If you have any doubt over whether your topic, question, advice, or comment is acceptable, feel free to join
We are happy to give you a solid judgement on whether your topic is acceptable in private without judgement or consequence.
We like to deal with other behaviors in a softer manner, by guiding the user and explaining to them what is and isn't allowed.
In the case of repeated offences or a bad attitude, we reserve the right to forego these protocols in favor of the community.
Every case is unique and will be dealt with to the best of the ability of the staff on duty at the time.

Keep It Positive Please

This basically means no rude, mean, or judgmental discussion.
We are a network devoted to harm reduction and positivity.
One of our policies is to try and Keep It Positive (KIP).
Please refrain from racial slurs, homophobia, and all other prejudice against any person or group of people.
Do not insult other users; take intense arguments to private chat.
Use of the words "nigger" or "faggot" is prohibited and will result in an auto-quiet, due to the complete lack of productive conversation surrounding them.

Keep the #tripsit, #tripsit1, #tripsit2 and #tripsit3 channels awesome

These channels should always be ready to help fellow members.
The #tripsit channels are for people currently under the influence of drugs and those there to sit them.
Please take any drug discussion, arguments or otherwise distracting chatter to #drugs instead.
Only light-hearted, positive and helpful conversation here: We all know how easily a trip can turn bad just by a simple thought.
Anyone caught being facetious will be warned and then banned if need be.
Rules are STRICTLY enforced in this channel.

Do not post gore, mark NSFW links as such

Do not post any gore. Please mark any content 18+ with a NSFW label.
The general subject of our network is not work appropriate, but there is a difference between text and pictures that are not safe for work.
Please be courteous to those with the luxury of being on the network while at work.

Do not argue rules in public channels, take it to

Arguing a ban, quiet, or general rule is not allowed in public channels, but is encouraged in
Arguing against established practices in large channels is rarely productive.
However, the TripSit team wants to hear your opinion, and welcomes rule discussion in
We are happy to discuss any ambiguity in our rules that is not covered on this page.

Do not use poor language

To ensure maintaining a comfortable atmosphere, certain words trigger an auto-quiet.
We believe in free speech, but certain words have proven to only lead to a degradation in community discussion. They are:

Do not impersonate law enforcement

For the sake of everyone's peace of mind, impersonating law enforcement is against our rules.
Impersonating an officer of the law will first result in a warning.
If the user does not comply, the user will be kicked.
Repeated attempts to impersonate law enforcement will result in a temporary or permanent ban.

Do not impersonate medical professionals

To help prevent confusion about the validity of the advice given here, we ask that people do not impersonate medical professionals.
Having "Dr" in your name or otherwise implying that you have the ability to give medical advice is a grey area and you may be asked to change your nickname if we feel it could imply to a new user that you are capable of giving medical advice.
Remember that our organization is not here to give direct medical advice and it should not be implied that any of us are medical professionals.
Even if you have a medical license you must be able to understand that giving advice over the internet should be avoided.

Do not give wrong or misleading medical advice to others

Please avoid spreading misinformation about drug use.
Do not post any content that is libelous, deceptive, fraudulent, tortuous or inaccurate.
Misinformation is harmful to our community.

Do not ignore harm reduction advice given by staff and community

If a user has taken or continues to take a dangerous dose or combination, they may be forced to leave the network
Occasionally we have users join our community mistakenly expecting that, due to the subject matter of the community, we will support them in their dangerous behavior, use, and/or attitudes towards drug use.
It is seen as the responsibility of not only the staff, but the community's members to actively discourage dangerous behavior.
Please accept and consider the advice given to you seriously and note that ignorance of advice pertaining to potentially life threatening situations will not be tolerated by our community.
As such, these behaviors are considered against the rules and violators may be subjected to temporary or permanent bans (situation depending).

Do not threaten suicide

While TripSitters will try their best to help member cope with down feelings of depression or worse, we cannot tolerate threats of suicide.
Suicide, depression and mental illness are not the focus of our network and our staff is not adequately trained to deal with suicidal situations, nor is it fair to our network's members to have the onus of guilt placed upon them for potential outcomes of such situations.
If a member is experiencing suicidal thoughts or tendencies, we kindly ask them to consider professional therapeutic assistance.
In a situation in which we fear for a user’s life, we will remind them of the guidelines stated above and do everything in our power to assist the member find qualified help.
These behaviors disrupt the primary objectives of our community.
Therefore, suicide threats and attempts are considered against the rules, and while we will try our best to help in the immediate timescale, such threats and attempts may result in either a temporary or permanent ban from the community (under discretion from the administrators).
We endorse Reddit's SuicideWatch community.
Suicide prevention hotlines
*USA, National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255
*List of international suicide crisis hotlines
Poison control hotlines
USA: 888 888 8822
UK: 111

Do not mix drugs and mental illness

The TripSit community will not serve as enabler for the destruction of mental or physical health.
While we are very accepting of members who may have mental illnesses and/or disorders, we do not condone or encourage the use or abuse of drugs that could interact, worsen, or otherwise negatively affect your health.
Please seek medical assistance if you have a question regarding mental illnesses or disorders and their interactions with drugs.
We are not qualified to provide professional medical advice on drug interactions with mental illnesses.
If you want to discuss the topic, feel free to bring it up in our IRC channels or message the TripSit team.
We are happy to discuss any topic at length with you, warn you of any potential drug interactions as well as give you advice, love, respect and positive energy to the best of our ability.
The TripSit community is always here to help and support you, no matter what. We love you and want to keep you with us!

Disclaimer of Liability

We assume no liability for actions as a result of using our service

You indemnify TripSit, its staff, and its users.
TripSit's managers (any owner, operator, or associate of this website, including but not limited to the administrators, moderators, webmaster, technical contacts, and officers; henceforth to be referred to simply as 'managers') take no responsibility or liability for anything that happens as a result of you reading or posting any information on TripSit.

You are responsible for your own actions

You agree to hold responsible yourself, and no other, for the consequences of your actions while here.
We want to provide you with the best network ever, but it is ultimately your responsibility what you post in chat.
Be aware that legislation differs depending on location and do not suggest illegal acts.

We are not responsible for what other users tell you

You acknowledge that all data submitted to this website expresses the views and opinions of the author and not necessarily of TripSit or its managers.
You acknowledge IRC is a free, real-time, un-moderated media, and as such, TripSit Managers have little-to-no control over what users say in a chat room and cannot delete comments once users say them.
Neither TripSit nor its managers assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, document, link, product, or post disclosed within this website.
Reference herein to any specific post, process, service or product offered by a member of this forum, or otherwise, does not necessarily constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by TripSit or its managers.
Nothing on the board is to be taken as real and these may be games or fantasies people are expressing, therefore: Research on your own before taking someone's advice or following their example.


Everything on the internet is public

Everything you post on the internet can be recorded in some way and can/will make its way back to you.
It is for your own safety and the safety of the network that these rules are in place.
TripSit does not keep data logs of our users, but our public channels are open to anyone who wants to gather logs. We simply cannot stop this in a public channel.
Any communication that you transmit to TripSit should be considered non-confidential, and you agree that TripSit will not be liable or responsible if information that belongs to you is intercepted or used by an unintended recipient.
As an internet user, you agree to any information you have entered on the internet being stored in a database somewhere else on the internet.

TripSit itself does not collect any personal information

This website uses cookies to store information on your local computer.
These cookies do not contain any of the registration information you have entered; they serve only to improve your viewing experience.

We do not share what personal information we have

We will never share what little information we have with anyone, unless Terms of Service are broken.
TripSit will not share member information with any party, unless the member has violated the TripSit User Agreement, in which case TripSit may take all necessary measures to ensure its security, including publishing the information or sharing it with private investigators.
Please note: This has never happened.

We do not watch private messages

TripSit does not have the capacity to store or read private messages.
TripSit does not monitor private communications; however, it should be assumed that any other party is logging what they see in public chat or a private message.
For additional privacy: TripSit provides a Tor hidden service to protect the identity of users, and you are welcome to use this hidden service at your own discretion.

We are not responsible if the security of our systems is compromised

The managers cannot be held responsible for any hacking attempt that may lead to the data being compromised.
To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the appropriate use of information, TripSit has put in place physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information it collects online
Any unauthorized access to this system is prohibited and is subject to criminal and civil penalties under Federal Laws including but not limited to Public Laws 83-703 and 99-47
IP addresses may be recorded to aid in enforcing these conditions.


We can and will remove users and accounts if we feel it is necessary

TripSit reserves the right to take action to restrict or terminate your access to TripSit at any time for any reason.
In the case of repeated offences or a bad attitude, we reserve the right to forgo established protocols in favor of the community.
TripSit and its managers have the right to remove, edit, move or close any submitted data at any time should they choose to.

We do not work with law enforcement

If we are required by law to do give information, then we will need to comply

In case TripSit receives a court order with a properly authorized request, any stored information may be provided to law enforcement officials.
We will need to comply with the applicable laws when necessary.
A lawyer will be contacted in this event, as well as yourself.

Please note this has never happened

Non-TripSit rooms

We do not watch every channel created, but if we hear a report, we will take action

We reserve the right to take action in non-TripSit rooms if the Terms of Service have been broken.
The TripSit Team will not police rooms created by users, however, if there are reports of activity going against our rules we reserve the right to intervene, including the permanent takeover or shutdown of a channel.
Channels that are created on our network, official or otherwise, still adhere to our terms of service.
If a channel is in violation of the terms of service, the Tripsit administrative team reserves the right to permanently close or delete a channel, and ban the users in violation of the terms of service.

Underage users

We do not allow minors (users under the age of 18) on the network, with the exception of the assistance channels #tripsit and #sanctuary

TripSit at large is a place children and young teenagers should not be exposed to directly.
TripSit will provide assistance to anyone in our #tripsit and #sanctuary room.
Using the #sanctuary room while underage is only permitted if under the influence of drugs, and after being redirected from #tripsit. Regular use of the channel while under 18 is not permitted.
However, we believe it is not wise for minors to be influenced by the wider drug-related community until a later age.
Furthermore, in order to encourage a productive drug-tolerant community, we must allow our members to have the confidence that what they say will not be negatively influencing young people who have not had the same education and experience they do.

We do not allow anyone under the age of 13 to be on the network

This is in accordance with the Child Online Protection Act, and is required by law.
While TripSit welcomes users and communities from all ends of the spectrum, our network is not designed for nor aimed at children.
In accordance with the United States government and the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998, individuals under the age of 13 are not permitted to browse TripSit nor create user accounts.
We require (in accordance with the Children's Online Privacy Act of 1998) that minors 13 years of age or older ask their parents for permission before logging on, and to refrain from posting any information about themselves, personal or otherwise, on the network.
If you have collected information from or about a child under the age of 13, both parties will face a network ban.


Nicknames or channels cannot be offensive

Nicknames and channels may not contain any racial slurs or bigotry.
In this case the user will be forced to choose another name, multiple offenses may result in bans.
Nickname suffixes cannot be disruptive to the community.
It's customary for users to post-pend their nickname with their current substance, to help others let them know that they're not sober.
THC to show that they have ingested marijuana.
Users who choose to postpend disruptive words/phrases at the end of their nick will be asked to change it.
Examples of disruptive phrases are: Jenkem and krokodil.
Users who refuse to change their nick may have their nickname changed for them.
Abandoned accounts will be removed after a period of inactivity.
The administrators of TripSit reserve the right to delete any and all data associated with abandoned accounts including, but not limited to: Profile information entered by the user, channels owned by the user or blog posts made by the user.
Further, TripSit reserves the right to reissue the username & any channels associated with an abandoned account.
An account is deemed to be abandoned if the account has no activity in the last six months.
A channel is deemed to be abandoned if the channel has no operator activity in the last six months.

Third party sites

This is a list of our online presence

The TripSit staff maintains an offsite presence (to some extent) on the following sites:
Bitcoin: 1EDqf32gw73tc1WtgdT2FymfmDN4RyC9RN
Any links to Facebook groups, chat rooms, or other online communities other than those listed here are not affiliated with TripSit in any way.
The administration of TripSit cannot enforce our policies off site.

Please note: Breaking rules as a joke is still breaking the rules

Thanks for reading!