It has been suggested that the seeds (sometimes

called Texas buckeyes) of this small tree were once

used for psychoactive purposes in northern

Mexico and Texas (Schultes and Hofmann 1992,

59*). The black seeds, which are 1.5 cm in length,

have been found in archaeological contexts

together with peyote (Lophophora williamsii) and

mescal beans (Sophora secundiflora) (Adovasio

and Fry 1976*). Ungnadia seeds contain

cyanogenetic compounds (Seigler et al. 1971).

Seigler, D., F. Seaman, and T. ]. Mabry. 1971. New

cyanogenetic lipids from Ungnadia speciosa.

Phytochemistry 10:485-87.

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