List of IRC bot commands

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Common Commands

Syntax Description Example
~report <#channel> <user> <reason> Report a <user> in a <#channel> for a <reason>. This command can either be run publicly in a channel or anonymously in a PM to tripbot. /msg tripbot ~report #drugs JoeTheTroll Asking where to get stuff.
~<drug> Displays the properties of the <drug>, for example: summary, dose, duration, effects and more. ~LSD
~drug <drug> Same as above ~drug LSD
~<drug> <property> Displays <property> information ~LSD dose
~drug <drug> <property> Same as above ~drug LSD dose
~factsheet <drug> Links to the factsheet of the <drug>. ~factsheet LSD
~bconvert <dosage> <benzo1> <benzo2> Converts <dosage> of <benzo1> to <benzo2>. ~bconvert 2mg xanax klonopin


Syntax Description Example
~tripsit <user> Ask for help in #tripsit on behalf of the <user> in need help. Messages all tripsitters and posts a message in #tripsitters, #tripsitvip and staff channels. <user> is optional. ~tripsit TripSitMe_12345
~gettripsitcalls After Issuing this command, you will be PM'd by tripbot when a user uses ~tripsit in #tripsit, #tripsit1 or #tripsit3 and needs help. - ~notripsitcalls Turns off the above ~tripsit alerts. - ~gettripsitentries After issuing this command, you will be PM'd by tripbot when a new user comes into #tripsit, #tripsit1 or #tripsit2 and may need help.
~notripsitentries Turns off the above alert of new users in the #tripsit channels.
~clearmissing If tripbot sends a private message saying you have missed notifies, this is a bug, and you can safely use this command to remove them.
~recovery position Displays a link to an image on how to get into the recovery position. The recovery position is designed to prevent suffocation through obstruction of the airway
~breathe[1,2,3]  Displays a link to an image/gif of a breathing pattern to help calm a person down. There's different variants of the command as seen in the bracket
~boxbreathing Same as above just another variations

Dosage Tracker

Syntax Description Example
~idose <dose> <drug> <method> Tripbot will remember the dose and the timing for you. Make sure to set a timezone before using this, else the absolute time might be inaccurate. Relative time will still be accurate. Running this multiple times will overwrite the previous stored dose. ~idose 100mg MDMA
~lastdose Tripbot responds with your latest dose, including drug, dose and timing. <@tripbot>: You last dosed 100mg of MDMA 3 hours ago (22:00 on 13/05/2017).
~set upidose true/false [Currently not available to use] tripbot will upload an encrypted version of your dose history to you when you add a new drug with ~idose ~set upidose true


Syntax Description Example
~qadd <category> = <quote> Add a new <quote> to the <category> in the database, or creates a new <category> if it does not already exist. ~qadd Jokes = A man walks into a bar and says "ouch".
The following modifiers can be used inside the quote text: ~~category~~ - Includes text from a random quote in given category. ~qadd Jokes = A man walks into a ~~noun~~ and says "ouch".
~~-nick-~~ - Includes the nick of the user displaying the quote. ~qadd Jokes = ~~-nick-~~ walks into a bar and says "ouch".
~~-nicks-~~ - Includes the nick of a random user in the current channel. ~qadd Jokes = ~~.nicks.~~ walks into a bar and says "ouch".
~<category> Display a random quote from a given <category>. ~Jokes
~qsearch <category> = <text> Search a <category> for quotes including the given <text>. ~qsearch Jokes = walks
~link <category> Use this command to get a URL to the indicated quote <category>. ~link Jokes
~setwebpass <password>  Use this command to create a password to login on the above link with <username>@tripsit as the user. NOTE: Do this in a private message with tripbot or else everyone can see the password!  ~setwebpass test
~qcount <category> Show the number of quotes stored in the given <category>, or if called without a category it will show the total number of quotes in the database. ~qcount Jokes
~rmlast <category> Remove the last quote added to a given <category>. ~rmlast Jokes
~rm <category> = <quote> Remove a given <quote> from the given <category>. ~rm Jokes = A man walks into a bar and says "ouch".
~rq Show a random quote from the database.
~qstats Displays quotes with the largest number of entries.


Syntax Description Example
~set timezone <timezone> Set a <timezone>. See here for <timezone> names: ~set timezone America/Chicago
~time Dispays your current time. ~time
~time <user> Displays the ~time Teknos
~set lastfm <username> Assigns your Last.FM <username> to tripbot for the ~listening command. ~set lastfm TeknosMusic
~listening Displays the last track the user listened to. ~listening
~listening <user> Displays the last track the <user> listened to. ~listening Teknos
~words Displays number of words used by the user since registering ~words
~words <user> Displays number of words used by <user> since registering. Not all users are tracked. ~words Teknos


Syntax Description Example
~usage <command> Show usage information for a given <command>. ~usage js
<module> Link module help for a <module> given either the module name or the name of a <command> belonging to a <module>. help qadd
~ignore <module> Ignore a given <module>. If the user does not specify a <module>, or provides an invalid one a list of modules which are available to ignore will be given. <Modules> you can ignore are: spotify, github, js, link, quotes, report, spelling, poll, regex, youare, kick. ~ignore spelling
~unignore <module> Unignore a previously ignored< module>. If you does not specify a <module>, or provide an invalid choice, a list of modules which are currently ignored will be given. ~unignore spelling
~yt <video name> Searches YouTube for <video name> and returns the top result  ~yt joey diaz ranch dressing
~spotify <song> Searches Spotify for <song> and returns a https link if found ~spotify Ott Mr Balloon Hands
~wr <word> Sends a search <word> to Wolfram Alpha and returns the result. ~wr 20f to c
~js <things and stuff> For regular users, there is the ~js command, which is completely sandboxed, but can still be used for calculation and the like.
~botcommands  Links to this page
~basiccommands  Links to our section on basic IRC commands
Spelling Corrections Allows you to run regex replaces on both your own and others messages. One may run a regex on their own last message like so: > user: I like turtles
> user: s/turtles/pizza/
One may run a regex on another user's last message simple by highlighting the nick before the pattern: > batman: I like TURTLES
> user: batman: s/turtles/pizza/i


Syntax Description Example
~ri Generate a random imgur image and post a link to it in the channel. Only returns images that are greater than 500x500 and omits common screen shot sizes.
~sri Uses imgur's built in API to return random results. Returns less random images that generally have large numbers of views and are tagged.
~lri The truly random imgur search.
~ud <word> Returns the first Urban Dictionary definition for the <word> provided. ~ud TripSit
~xkcd <number> Returns a link to the xkcd comic <number> specified, or the latest one if <number> is not given. ~xkcd 1173
~flashy <colour> <message> Gives a link to a page that shows the <message> flashing in <colour>. ~flashy blue hello
~triptoy Gives a link to a fun website for tripping. Click the link to see a full list of Trip Toys