Common Commands

Syntax Description Example
~report <#channel> <user> <reason> Report a <user> in a <#channel> for a <reason>. This command can either be run publicly in a channel or anonymously in a PM to tripbot. /msg tripbot ~report #drugs JoeTheTroll Asking where to get stuff.
~drug <drug> Displays the properties of the <drug>, for example: summary, dose, duration, effects and more. ~drug LSD
~drug <drug> <property> Displays <property> information ~drug LSD dose
~factsheet <drug> Links to the factsheet of the <drug>. ~factsheet LSD
~bconvert <dosage> <benzo1> <benzo2> Converts <dosage> of <benzo1> to <benzo2>. ~bconvert 2mg xanax klonopin


Syntax Description Example
~tripsit <user> Ask for help in #tripsit on behalf of the <user> in need help. Messages all tripsitters and posts a message in #drugs and #tripsitvip. <user> is optional. ~tripsit TripSitMe_12345
~gettripsitentries After issuing this command, you will be PMed by tripbot when a new user comes into #tripsit and may need help.
~notripsitentries Turns off the above alert of new users in #tripsit.
~clearmissing If tripbot sends a private message saying you have missed notifies, this is a bug, and you can safely use this command to remove them.


Syntax Description Example
~qadd <category> = <quote> Add a new <quote> to the <category> in the database, or creates a new <category> if it does not already exist. ~qadd Jokes = A man walks into a bar and says "ouch".
The following modifiers can be used inside the quote text: ~~category~~ - Includes text from a random quote in given category. ~qadd Jokes = A man walks into a ~~noun~~ and says "ouch".
~~-nick-~~ - Includes the nick of the user displaying the quote. ~qadd Jokes = ~~-nick-~~ walks into a bar and says "ouch".
~~-nicks-~~ - Includes the nick of a random user in the current channel. ~qadd Jokes = ~~.nicks.~~ walks into a bar and says "ouch".
~<category> Display a random quote from a given <category>. ~Jokes
~qsearch <category> = <text> Search a <category> for quotes including the given <text>. ~qsearch Jokes = walks
~link <category> Use this command to get a URL to the indicated quote <category>. ~link Jokes
~qcount <category> Show the number of quotes stored in the given <category>, or if called without a category it will show the total number of quotes in the database. ~qcount Jokes
~rmlast <category> Remove the last quote added to a given <category>. ~rmlast Jokes
~rm <category> = <quote> Remove a given <quote> from the given <category>. ~rm Jokes = A man walks into a bar and says "ouch".
~rq Show a random quote from the database.
~qstats Displays quotes with the largest number of entries.


Syntax Description Example
~ri Generate a random imgur image and post a link to it in the channel. Only returns images that are greater than 500x500 and omits common screen shot sizes.
~sri Uses imgur's built in API to return random results. Returns less random images that generally have large numbers of views and are tagged.
~lri The truly random imgur search.
~ud <word> Returns the first Urban Dictionary definition for the <word> provided. ~ud TripSit
~xkcd <number> Returns a link to the xkcd comic <number> specified, or the latest one if <number> is not given. ~xkcd 1173
~rt <move> Searches rotten tomatoes for the given <movie>. ~rt Toy Story
~listening <user> Displays the last track the <user> listened to. ~listening Teknos
~set lastfm <username> Assigns your Last.FM <username> to tripbot for the above command. ~set lastfm TeknosMusic
~say <target> <message> Send the <target>, which may be a channel or a user, a <message>. ~say Teknos Hello!
~flashy <colour> <message> Gives a link to a page that shows the <message> flashing in <colour>. ~flashy blue hello


Syntax Description Example
~set timezone <timezone> Set a <timezone>. See here for <timezone> names: ~set timezone America/Chicago
~time Dispays your current
~time <user> Displays the <time> of the <user>. ~time Teknos
~usage <command> Show usage information for a given <command>. ~usage time
<module> Link module help for a <module> given either the module name or the name of a <command> belonging to a <module>. help qadd
~ignore <module> Ignore a given <module>. If the user does not specify a <module>, or provides an invalid one a list of modules which are available to ignore will be given. <Modules> you can ignore are: spotify, github, js, link, quotes, report, spelling, poll, regex, youare, kick. ~ignore spelling
~unignore <module> Unignore a previously ignored< module>. If you does not specify a <module>, or provide an invalid choice, a list of modules which are currently ignored will be given. ~unignore spelling
~wr <word> Sends a search <word> to Wolfram Alpha and returns the result. ~wr 20f to c
~js <things and stuff> For regular users, there is the ~js command, which is completely sandboxed, but can still be used for calculation and the like.
Spelling Corrections Allows you to run regex replaces on both your own and others messages. One may run a regex on their own last message like so: > user: I like turtles
> user: s/turtles/pizza/
One may run a regex on another user's last message simple by highlighting the nick before the pattern: > batman: I like TURTLES
> user: batman: s/turtles/pizza/i

Tob Commands

Syntax Description Example
Most commands below can be done in PM as well. Contact CustaiCo for any problems with tob.
 !seen <nick> Displays the last time a <nick> was seen.  !seen Teknos
 !lastspoke <nick> Displays the last time a <nick> spoke.  !lastspoke Teknos
 !bing <query> Searches Bing with the given <query> and gives top 3 results.  !bing TripSit
 !news <query> Gets top headline news for the <query> from Bing.  !news Elections
 !business !entertain !health !politics !sports !usnews !worldnews !tech Domain specific news.
 !image <query> Finds a random image on the top 50 results for the given <query> returned by Bing. Adult filter is deactivated.  !image Cat pictures
 !spell <query> Attempts to find a spelling correction for the <query>.  !spell benzodizapine
 !wa <query> Submits <query> to Wolfram Alpha for evaluation.  !wa 40c to f
 !hmacsha256 <key> <message> Calculates a hmac on the <message> using the bytes of the <key> phrase as the <key>.  !hmacsha256 password Hello!

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