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| [user]
| [user]
| when was a user last seen?
| when was a user last seen?
| ~ri
| random image from imgur

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bot is owned by bod. It announces new posts from a few related subreddits. It runs eggdrop.

command parameters description access
!voteban [user] [yes OR no] vote to ban a user for a day or so. triggers a ban as soon as there's 2 or more votes. voting no decreases the vote count, yes increases it op or voice
!seen [user] when was a user last seen?
!weather [city] shows weather forecast for that area
!isup [domain] checks whether a website works, and shows latency
!shorturl [url] creates a short(er) URL for that URL
!ping if you get a reply, you're still connected to IRC
!image [whatever] find you an image of whatever NEW!
!calc [arithmetical problem] calculator, eg "2+2" makes the bot say "4"
!bitcoin [exchange] shows bitcoin exchange rates. Defaults to mtgoxUSD. List of supported exchages
!btcbal [address] shows balance for a bitcoin address
!setcountdown [unix timestamp] set countdown (set to 0 to disable) op or voice
!countdown shows time until countdown
!str2time [text] calculate unix timestamp for the text, it could be anything like "2pm CST" or "+5 hours" or "december 25, 2013". mostly used for setting a countdown
!until [unix timestamp] calculate time to unix timestamp, can be useful for testing a countdown.
!google [query] searches google
!erowid [query] searches erowid
!youtube [query] searches youtube
%listeners shows amount of radio listeners
%status shows radio status


tripbot is reality's bot, and is a personal project of his:

command parameters description access
~qadd quote=[text] adds quote to database
~report [channel] [user] [reason] report a user for doing a good or bad thing, notifies ops
~lincent [user] generates output similar to this: n8wacht is responsible for 0.16% (1,129) messages in #drugs since Sat, 16th March 2013
~loudest displays a list of users who have chatted the most
~last [user] when was a user last seen?
~ri random image from imgur