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* DrGonzo
* DrGonzo
* sevenforall
* sevenforall
== Requirements for becoming a DJ ==
* Fast, reliable internet connection (Above 2 mbit, [ test it here - select an european server])
* Willing to take requests
* Willing to play music that doesn't suck

== Setting up your streaming software ==
== Setting up your streaming software ==

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Radio News

Feb 23, 2013 You no longer have to enter a Username or Account name in your DJ software. Just leave the field blank.

Jan 28, 2013 There's now a fallback stream which plays music when there's no DJ. As a result, the username is changed to tripradio - the password isn't changed. To get FTP access to upload fallback stream music, pm bod.

How to apply

Send a message to either bod , Teknos , or trainwreck on the IRC chat to get the streaming password.

Please also ask in the IRC chat channel #tripradio on Snoonet if you have any other questions.

Current DJs

These people are known to DJ on the radio. Please add yourself to this list if you are an active DJ. You can message admins and mods for the DJ password.

  • bod - Admin
  • trainwreck - Mod
  • Teknos - Mod
  • DarkTwist
  • toastercookie
  • Buffalooney
  • serodr0nin
  • Borax
  • trees
  • reality
  • DrGonzo
  • sevenforall

Setting up your streaming software

Here's the details you need to know to setup your streaming software.

The screenshots may be outdated. The table below has the correct information.

Server software Icecast2
Hostname - not
Port 8000
Mount point /tripradio
Username (or "Account") Leave empty
Password Apply to get password
Streaming format mp3 only, 128kbit - not 320kbit!

Example of server settings:

Required information

All DJs have to set up their streaming client like this:

Stream title [TRIPRADIO] - WWW.TRIPSIT.ME - #drugs @
Stream description Your IRC nickname

Basic guide to DJing

If you are totally new to DJing, here's what you need to know:

  • For Mac, I recommend Nicecast. I think its the best one out there and streams meta information.
  • For Mac and PC, the butt streaming software is good. However, I do not think meta information can be broadcast:
  • Step 1: Select Stereo mix as Audio device.
  • Step 2: Configure the server as per the server settings above
  • Step 3: Press Play to start streaming.