Requirements for becoming a DJ

Can you say YES to those 4 requirements? Go ahead to the next section.

How to apply

Use the following template. Just copy/paste it into notepad and answer each question.

  • IRC nickname:
  • Timezone:
  • Link to speedtest result from european server:
  • Which radio software are you using (butt, Nicecast, Mixxx, etc.):
  • At which hours can you broadcast (GMT timezone):
  • Which genres:
  • Why do you want to DJ:

When done, send it in an e-mail to with the subject "Application".

Other questions

Please also ask in the IRC channel #tripradio if you have any other questions.

After you are accepted & got the password

Add yourself to the DJ list on this page. Ask for +v in the #music channel where we talk about music radio stuff.

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