We are always looking for help! If you want to apply, please read over the following and email admin@tripsit.me with a completed application.

Contributor Duties

Contributor is the entry-level staff position for our content team, who use their expansive knowledge to create and maintain our information resources, including the Wiki, factsheets and our drug combination chart.

The main goal of the contributor is to collect and format researched information into presentable information for our users by using the tools at hand to make data more accessible. The main platform for the contributor is the Wiki, and they will also help update the factsheets and various other published media.

Contributors will work hand-in-hand with senior TS staff, Editors, to publish corrections and updated information onto our wiki and other platforms.

Required Qualifications

We want people who love TripSit, want to see and contribute to its growth, and be part of our success. We require regular presence on the the TripSit wiki and a willingness to help out with other staff on projects. Staff members must also have the ability to separate personal from professional interactions with users. Finally, a basic knowledge of drugs and how they interact with other drugs and mental conditions is highly preferred.

Desirable Qualifications

We look for people who bring something new to the TripSit team and have ideas and skills to help us improve our community.

Specifically to contributors: It is highly desirable to have some form of higher education, or at least the ability to research and reference the research.

Professional or personal experience/qualifications in anything technical and computer science, including programming and web-development, biology, chemistry, medicine, pharmacology, media, audio/visual editing, graphic design, or radio etc.


Please answer the following questions, feel free to be as brief or explanatory as you wish.

  • Please provide your registered IRC nickname.
  • What is your time zone and do you have any major daily commitments (ie: School or job)? Estimate how much time you can devote to TripSit.
  • Why do you want to be a staff member of TripSit? Might be obvious but please let us know why.
  • What is "Harm Reduction" in your own words?
  • What unique skillset or knowledge do you bring to the TripSit Team?

IE: Verbal or written skills, technical drug knowledge, programming experience, website development, enthusiasm and interpersonal compassion, ability to be online a lot, etc. Basically, what are you good at?

  • Sum up why, in 2-3 sentences, and convince us that you are dedicated to being an awesome staff member.
  • Finally, the most important question and only one that truly determines the success of your application: What is your favorite animal and why?

Where do I send my app?

Send your application by email to admin@tripsit.me

Any questions or concerns about the application can be brought to #content

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