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Hello, I am a drug/addictions counseler in training. I hold a B.S. in Psychology. Additionally, I am currently training to earn my CASAC certificate (Certified Alcohol and Substance Abuce Counselor) so I can spend the rest of my life saving lives and helping people learn from my mistakes. I have nearly a year's worth of experience working in a Rehabilitation Center, mainly training & counseling youth between 12-18 years old.
Despite my occasional rash remarks on IRC that sometimes come off as "dangerous," My main reason for entertaining #drugs is not only to chat, but also do my best to help people in crisis to the best of my ability. On that note, you are welcome to message me if you happen to have a personal issue and I will be more than happy to converse, compeletely confidential.
Thanks for meeting me! I don't use forums much but I am always on #drugs @ irc.snoonet.org , as well as my home network, irc.afraidirc.net #irc.
Peace !

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