Welcome to our IRC Network. We have created a set of policies to help communicate with each other while maintaining a comfortable atmosphere.

These policies need to be respected by anyone connected to any channel of the network.

General Rules

1. Use common sense and don’t do questionable things. If you have any doubt over whether your topic, question, advice, or comment is acceptable it might be a good idea to either place it back or ask someone more experienced.


A channel is owned by all persons currently in possesion of the owner flag. Keep discussions in the appropriate channel. The channel owner is to decide which conversation may take place in the channel.


TODO: #help specific rules

Channel Names

Channel names follow similar rules to Nicknames.

Channel names may not include any racial slurs, bigotry or be provoking to any population group.


Nicknames may not contain any racial slurs or bigotry.


It is not allowed to promote or advance illegal acts using the IRC Network.

Remember that local legislation might differ and we are bound to specific legislation depending on the hosting server's condition.


It is forbidden to use the services of our network for commercial advertising.

This includes advertisement of goods or services to the networks users as well as using the network to create hubs for advertisement.

Suicide Threats

While users will try their best to help other users cope with down feelings of depression or worse, we cannot tolerate threats of suicide. Suicide, depression and mental illness are not the focus of our network and our staff are not adequately trained to deal with suidical situations, nor is it fair to our network's staff to have the onus of guilt placed upon them for potential outcomes of such situations. If a user is experiencing suicidal thoughts or tendencies, we kindly ask them to consider either professional theraputic assistance, calling the Suicide Hotline, 911, or directing themselves to a community better equipped to deal with their kind of situation.

We endorse Reddit's SuicideWatch community. Suicide prevention hotlines:

Poison control hotlines:

In a situation in which we fear for a users life, we will remind them of the guidelines stated above and do everything in our power to assist the member find qualified help. In a dangerous overdose situation in which we believe immediate medical attention is required, we will always attempt to contact local medical personel. Therefore, suicide threats and attempts are considered against the rules.

Report Policy

TODO: Reports?! -> #help?

Ban-Appealment Policy

TODO: Network ban appeal


Every connected client is automatically cloaked to protect the connection data of the connecting user from direct access.

Unfortunately the algorithm used for cloaking may not be perfect. Because of this registering with NickServ will provide you with a safer cloak, therefore it's recommended to register with NickServ.


We are a network devoted positivity, therefore we much appreciate having a positive attitude while using the network.

Always keep in mind that behind the other monitor there are real people with real feelings chatting with you