Welcome to your first step into the TripSit network!

Based on your good performance, your willingness for helping out, and good attitude to the the people here, you have been accepted as staff in the TripSit network. Here's some vital information about the network and staffing to help you perform well in your new position! Please review all of the following points and return here if you have any questions. When you have finished reading, please let an admin know.


The TripSit network was founded by Techno_shaman (Teknos) in reddit.com/r/tripsit on June 1st, 2012. It progressed into an IRC channel in Sept of 2 and increased its focus around harm reduction and providing a safe community for the world's Psychonauts. It has since grown to a website, webradio, social network and have helped countless people in many different ways. We have been featured by MAPS and we've had news articles written about us. We're currently expanding our social network and working on developing a real-life presence at festivals and concerts, and you're invited to be a part in the next step in growing our network.


Voice: The +v flag gives a user a spiffy icon and thus 'status' as someone to be trusted. Voiced users can also say !flags to get a list of staff in that room.

Operator: An admin on the network.

Staff: Having a flag in one of our public rooms excluding #drugsvip.

Tripsitter: User with +v(oice) in #tripsit. Can not kick/ban, but can invite and view !flags.

Poweruser: User that guides discussion in a positive manner. Cannot kick or ban. Can use ~quiet to silence problem users.

Moderator: Having the ability to kick and ban users from channels.

Admin: Responsible for the general administration of the network.

Report: To ~report #channel User Reason sends a PM to all staff in that room. Avalible to anyone in channel.

Notify: ~notify #channel NOTICE is a way to send a PM to all staff in that channel. Avalible to anyone in channel.

Tripbot: A multi-use omnibot that is quickly approaching sentience.

Bot: An RSS and utility bot.

Warning: To ~warn USER REASON sets a note on that user. Available to PowerUsers and higher

~ (tilde): The prefix for tripbot commands

@ (at): Prefix for tagging users when reporting to tripbot. (Eg. if you and another user helped somebody in #tripsit, you would '~notify #tripsit user hostmask summary' and tag the user that helped with @user in the summary)

! (exclamation): The prefix for Bot commands

Sourcing is defined as "discussion of where to specifically purchase or otherwise acquire substances of any kind; this includes links to legal substance vendors and paraphernalia. This rule does not necessarily apply to scales or other dosing related items, as they aid in harm reduction."



Tripbot is a multi-use omnibot that includes many features we rely on to do an effecient job of moderating the network.



Your username is myuser@snoonet, and you can set a password by issuing the '~setwebpass mypassword' command. Contact reality if you have any issues.

Entry Alert

~gettripsitentries to receive them, ~notripsitentries to stop receiving them.

This will alert you when a previously unrecognised host enters #tripsit who may potentially need help.

Other Commands

See ~tripbotcommands. These commands are constantly updating. New commands will be shared via Tripbot notifications

Staff Information

Required Qualifications

We want people who love TripSit, want to see and contribute to its growth, and be part of our success.We require a near constant presence in any of the TripSit channels and a willingness to help out with other staff on projects. We look for people who bring something new to the TripSit team. Staff members possess the ability to separate personal from professional interactions with users. Finally, a basic knowledge of drugs and how they interact with other drugs and mental conditions is higly preferred.

Desireable Qualifications

Professional experience/qualifications in anything technical and computer science, including programming and webdevelopment. Professional experience/qualifications in anything biology, chemistry, medicine, pharmacology etc. Professional experience/qualifications in anything media, audio/visual editing, graphic design, or radio

Off-IRC communication

We document changes to the network in monthly pads. Please check the month and go to the corresponding pad. Nexus forum topics are used for discussion and votes. Please keep up to date with the Administrator section on the Nexus forums. This is where we will have the majority of our meetings, discussion about policy changes, etc. Click LIKE to notify that you have read a thread or a reply. If you cannot get access to the Administrator forums, please contact a Nexus admin (Teknos, reality, trees, trainwreck)

Network Wide Duties and Job Functions

Staff members are positive, nice, respectful and professional in their dealings with members whether regular or staff; they represent the entire network! We want people who have leadership skills and can enforce rules whilte still promoteing a positive environment. They guide conversation to an acceptable level of quality by being positive and supportive at all times.while maintaining a positive and compassionate attitude.

We want all of our staff members to be role models and regular contributors. All staff supervise and advance part of the TripSit network. We expect them to be able to devote a reasonable amount of time to TripSit projects, including: Nexus, Wiki, a TripSit affiliated IRC channel, the Official TinyChat, twitter, and future TripSit projects. Contribute Contribute Contribute! We want you on the team! We want your input!

Regardless of their role, staff will enforce our and snoonet's rules - http://tripsit.me/ircrules. They will recognize misinformation, request citations when needed, and deal with trolls. Remember: No info > bad info.

Feedback System


Syntax: ~report <user> <room> <hostmask> <message>

Avalible to all users. This will send a notice to everyone voiced in the channel you reported to. For example: "~report #drugs Teknos debauchery" will report Teknos to everyone with the +v flag in #drugs for the reason of debouchery. Commonly used for problem users in #drugs and other channels. When responding to a report by talking with the user, send a ~notify to #teamtripsit to acknowledge that staff has followed through on a report. Encourage regular users to employ use of this command, we rely on reports to know when thing's are not right.


Syntax: ~warn <user> <hostmask> <message>

Avalible to Power Users and higher. Warnings are counted and permenantly stored online for staff to view past events. Warnings should only be given for repeat behavior or serious offenses (IE: Sourcing. Sourcing happens fairly often, not direct links, but simple "Where can I get X", "Does anyone know a good vendor for X" kind of stuff. Verbal warnings suffice most of the time.


Syntax: ~notify <room> <message>

Avalible to all usersSend ~notify #tripsit for every enounter on #tripsit. Send notifications to #teamtripsit for all other reasons. Excellent communication tool. Use this as much as you'd like. Be sure to include the user's info, a short summary of the encounter, and anyone who assisted (tag them with @. e.g. ~notify #tripsit Trainwreck came into #tripsit and was really high on marijuana and lost the remote. @Teknos and I helped him find it.


Syntax: ~quiet (minutes) (#channel) <user> reason (Minutes and channel are optional)

Avalible to PowerUsers and higher.This prevents the user from speaking in that channel, as well as changing their nickname and also sends a notify to staff in that channel. Excellent for trolls and rowdy users.

Network Ban

Syntax: ~nban <user> <reason>

Avalible to Mods and higher. Bans a user from all of our public channels. Infinitaly easier than playing whack-a-user when they pop into different channels.


Professionally communicate with your branch leader about changes to the network via memos, email, nexus forum, or carrier pidgeon. Communicate pretty much everything network related in #tripsit.me or a notify.


Recognize misinformation and request citations when needed. Warn, quiet, or kick obvious misinformation. Remember: No info > bad info.

Populate other channels

Move conversations to appropriate channels: IE: #psychonaut for spiritual talk, #psychopharm for chemistry discussion, #tripsitvip for slower, denser chat and the Nexus blogs for trip reports.

Be Involved

Try to get involved with the various other TripSit projects. Get a Nexus account, learn to DJ, contribute to the Wiki. Contribute Contribute Contribute! We want you on the team! We want your input!

Tripsitter Duties

Continue to be an active, responsible trip sitter in the #tripsit channel. You will recieve !tripsit and ~tripsit notifications and are expected to respond to them whenever possible. Respond to anyone joining #tripsit with a "how are you doing" or something to that effect. If the user does not need help and just wants general chat, direct them there. No tolerance for trolling/sarcasm in #tripsit while still providing a positive environment. Remember that no info is always better than false info. Never be afraid to defer a question to another member of the team, or even to use the '~tripsit user' command yourself to let people know a user needs further help. ~tripsit user will send out a tripsit request for the user specified, rather than for yourself. ~notify #tripsit for EACH and EVERY encounter. See above for an example. Use @User tags in notifications to ensure all those involved get credit.

PowerUser Duties

Summing up the responsibilities of a Power User would be the word "guidance." They represent our network and make sure that things are going smoothly. They don't have the responsiblity of kick/baning people and their primary goal is to be helpful and positive. They multitask by guiding all tripsit channels into a positive light. They make heavy use of the ~report command for notification of our team. PowerUsers cannot kick or ban, so please ~warn the offender, ~report them, and ~quiet if necessary, and if an admin is not online initiate a !voteban

Moderator Responsiblities

Moderators have leadership skills and can enforce rules while maintaining a positive and compassionate attitude. They assume all the roles and responsibilities of being a power user, but with additional powers and expectations for rule breakers, as discussed in the Rule Breaking Procedure. trees, toasterlizard, sundown and borax are moderators.

Admin Responsiblities

Oversee entire TripSit Network and make sure the network doesnt burn down. Follow through on reports, log bans/warnings. Work on and delegate numerous projects relating to Nexus, Merch, Wiki, IRC, and other content. Work on IRL applications to our TripSit network, including merch, marketing, improving network

Rule Breaking Procedure

As a member

~report the user

If no action is taken, initiate a !votekick <user> yes/no or a !voteban

As a tripsitter

~quiet <user> and send a report about him in to tripbot.

As a Power User

Follow the above procedure and respond to ~reports by telling the TripSit team via ~notify #channel that you recieved the report and will talk to the person in PM. Warning will be sent via PM on most occasions as to avoid drama in the main channels and a note will be added to their file on Titanpad. Occasionally public warnings will be issued. If action continues then you may issue an official ~warning to them. If they persist without a moderator stepping in, you may ~quiet them.

'~report #channel user reason' every time you have to verbally warn a user. Instances of ~quiet etc are automatically documented (and you can provide a reason along with them).

As a moderator:

You have the power to kick/ban people from the network. We ask that you use the corresponding Tripbot commands for this. Your involvement starts when the powerusers' end. After a ~report and/or ~warning has been issued, you may ~kick the user as a final warning. Always provide a reason for the kick. Finally, if they continue their behavior, you may ~nban them from the network. Remember that banned users dont give good reviews or come back to help so do this as a last resort. Admins/mods will investigate every ban so make sure that you feel the ban is necessary. Remember to keep logs and documentation on Titanpad.If they protest or are unclear as to why they are banned, do not argue in PM, invite them to #tripsit.me to keep it public and explain why they were banned. Keep it professional; do not make it personal, seek vengance or retaliation. "Please do not take any of this personally as we are running a professional harm reduction network. We love you all, but some of you need a break sometimes!"

Ban-Appealment Policy

It is network policy not to discuss a ban in PM. If a user wishes to contest a ban ask them to join #tripsit.me to appeal.

Network Rules and Policies

You will be expected to know the network policies and procedures as listed at http://wiki.tripsit.me/wiki/IRC_rules

Staff Channels

Required: All staff members should be on at least these channels.


Our flagship channel for immediate assistance. Please idle here and if you see someone ping you with the !tripsit or ~tripsit command do your best to respond. Remember: KIPP! (Keep it positive people!)


Tripsit handles moderation of this general talk channel


VIP section for regular #drugs users.

Users need to be registered with snoonet to join, must be voiced to talk


Accessable to Mods and Admins only. Power Users, Tripsitters, and any user may join to discuss channel issues directly with mods but cannot idle.

Admin talk for issues with tripsit.

NO SOCIAL TALK PLEASE (take it to #teamtripsit or #tripsitvip), it makes reading the log a PITA when there's pages of irrelevant info.


This is a channel for all staff. People who regular this room will recieve general tripsit memos regarding the network. Used for general and social chat, as well as teambuilding and brainstorming on how to improve the network

Optional: These rooms are affiliated with tripsit but are not the main rooms.





Default Nicknames

Sometimes a user will come in with a default nickname. Different nicknames indicate where they came from.

Social = #drugs

Tripdude = #tripsit (Non immediate assistance)

Tripsitme = #tripsit (Immediate assistance link)

Should be greeted upon entry, this isn't always possible, considering the volume of people that join #tripsit. Do your best to be welcoming though!

Psychonaut = #psychonaut

Pharmer = #psychopharm

These two are linked in /r/saplings

Sapling = #tripsit

Toker = #drugs


If you would like a @tripsit.me email please let an admin know

Applications and new staff

We do not need a certain number of staff, but it would be foolish to turn down someone who wants to help. If you or someone you know wants to work on a project let the POC of that branch know and fill out an application: http://nexus.tripsit.me/forum/thread/192/staff-application/


Only staff members have access to the Titanpad by default.


When making a new pad, please be sure to include a title and classification (user, info, misc., etc)

Only make a pad password protected if you have consulted with one of the admins about the contents of the pad. Admins have access to password protected pads.

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