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= TripSit Staff Application =
Thank you for your interest! [https://tripsit.me/apply-for-staff/ Please head to our new application page to submit your application for staff.]
We are always looking for help! If you want to apply, please read over the following and email admin@tripsit.me or message a mod/admin with a link to a completed application.
==Open Position==
== Required Qualifications ==
We want people who love TripSit, want to see and contribute to its growth, and be part of our success. We require regular presence in the the TripSit channels and a willingness to help out with other staff on projects. We look for people who bring something new to the TripSit team and have ideas and skills to help us improve our community. Staff members possess the ability to separate personal from professional interactions with users. Finally, a basic knowledge of drugs and how they interact with other drugs and mental conditions is higly preferred.
== Desirable Qualifications ==
Professional experience/qualifications in anything technical and computer science, including programming and web development. Professional experience/qualifications in anything biology, chemistry, medicine, pharmacology etc.  Professional experience/qualifications in anything media, audio/visual editing, graphic design, or radio.
== Tripsitter Duties ==
Tripsitters are the backbone of our network. Without their selfless efforts we would not be here today. Each of us have stepped up in the #tripsit room to help people and it's a rite of passage to advance to other positions in the network. As such we have fairly high expectations of our tripsitters and expect the best out of them.
You will continue to be an active, responsible trip sitter in the #tripsit channel. After recieving the proper flags, you will recieve ~tripsit notifications and should respond whenever possible. Checkout [[How_To_Tripsit_Online|How To Tripsit Online]] for tips, and never be afraid to defer a question to another member of the team by asking in #teamtripsit or even to use the '~tripsit user' command yourself to let people know a user needs further help. When the encounter is over you must send a notify to tripbot detailing how it went. You must send an notify for EACH and EVERY encounter. There is a no tolerance policy for trolling and sarcasm, you're free to ~quiet <user> whenever you feel they cross the line. Have them come to a staff channel to discuss why before unquieting them.
You can also use the ~timeout command to give users a 10 minute timeout in other channels, to assist in moderating the network.
====Basic Info====
* What is your IRC nickname?
* How long have you been using IRC in total?
* Do you have any experience volunteering for an online community? (Forums, other IRC networks, reddit, etc)
* Are you over the age of 18?
====Getting to know you====
* Why do you want to be a staff member of TripSit?
* What would be your ideal position at TripSit?
* What is your time zone and when do you expect to be online most often?
* Do you expect to be able to make weekly contributions to the network, in terms of helping #tripsit or other projects?
* What would you say is your biggest strength and fault?
** Be realistic and honest; we promise not to judge, and we'll learn about it sooner or later.
====Your experience and ethic====
* Do you have any experience in fields related to substance harm reduction?
* Are you able to handle constructive criticism in a positive way?
* What does “Harm Reduction” mean to you?
* If someone asks you a question that may be dangerous, and you don’t know the answer, what do you do?
====Going forward====
* What new or special skills do you have to bring to TripSit?
** IE: Verbal or written skills, technical drug knowledge, programming experience, website development, enthusiasm and interpersonal compassion, ability to be online alot, etc. Basically, what are you good at?
* Sum up in 2-3 sentences and convince us that you are dedicated to being an awesome staff member.
* Do you understand our notification system, and are okay with doing notifies for #tripsit encounters?
* Finally, what is your favorite animal and why?
==Where do I send my app?==
Send your application by email to admin@tripsit.me

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Thank you for your interest! Please head to our new application page to submit your application for staff.

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