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Please use the ~report command (~report #channel user reasonhere) if you see a tripsit user break any rule, guideline or policy listed below!

Network rules

All Snoonet network rules are in effect.

A full list is here.

General rules

  • Do not ask where to buy drugs! Sourcing (the act of asking for, receiving or giving sources for illegal substances) is HIGHLY against the rules. This includes PM. Please report all instances using ~report <#room> <user> <reason> and the admins will take care of it.
  • Impersonating an officer of the law (This includes having a nickname that implies you are a LEO) will get you warned, then kicked until you change your name. Repeated attempts to join with the same name will be banned.
  • Do not insult other users. Keep it positive people!
  • Do not ask for money, BTC, or users to send you drugs (sourcing).
  • Please avoid spreading misinformation. Misinformation can be harmful to our community. Provide sources when you can
  • Keep discussions in the proper channel. IE: Keep psychonaut and spirituality topics in #psychonaut and keep technical discussion and debate on drugs in #drugnerds. Use to talk to the admins and discuss meta topics like banning and questions about the rules. The #drugs channel is for discussing drugs in a general sense. This includes dosage, effects, routes of administration, and just general chat.
  • Do not encourage drug dosages, combinations, and/or any experimentation which could be reliably considered unsafe. Please remember that this community is centered around the concept of "harm reduction". Encouraging drug use is prohibited; all users who choose to do so are expected to not encourage anything which has a more-than-significant chance of harming the individual who is receiving said 'encouragement'.
  • Do not discuss, encourage, or threaten any suicidal ideations, behavior, or actions of any kind. (For more information, please see Guidelines)
  • Do not evade a ban issued to you.


Suicide threats:

While TripSitters will try their best to help users of the site with down feelings or depression, we cannot tolerate threats of suicide. This is not the focus of our service, nor are our tripsitters adequately equipped to deal with such situations. If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts or tendencies then we kindly ask you to consider either professional medical assistance, or to direct yourself to a community more equipped to deal with this kind of situation - you can find a list of international suicide hotline numbers here. We also officially endorse Reddit's SuicideWatch community.

In a situation in which we fear for a users life, we will remind them of the guidelines stated above. Conversely, in a dangerous overdose situation in which we believe immediate medical attention is required, we will *always* attempt to contact local authorities.

Furthermore, because of the reasons stated above, we cannot tolerate suicidal behaviours on our network (this includes the TripSit, TinyChat, IRC, Nexus, and SubReddits). It isn't fair on the users of our website to have the onus of guilt placed upon them for potential outcomes of such situations, as well as such behaviours disrupting the primary objective of our community. Therefore, suicide threats and attempts are considered against the rules, and while we will try our best to help in the immediate timescale, such threats and attempts may result in either a temporary or permanent exclusion from the community (under discretion from the administrators).

Mental illness:

Disclaimer: We are not qualified to provide professional medical advice.

While we are very accepting of mental illnesses and disorders, we do not condone nor encourage the use or abuse of drugs that could interact, worsen or otherwise negatively affect your current mental illness or disorder. The TripSit community will not serve as enabler for the destruction of your own mental or physical health.

We are here to help! If you want to discuss the topic, feel free to bring it up in our IRC channel or pm the TripSit team. They will be happy to discuss any topic at length with you, warn you of the potential of a drug interaction with your current mental illness or disorder, and give you advice, love, respect and positive energy. The TripSit community is always here to help and support you, no matter what. We love you and want to keep you with us!

Hardcore abuse, dangerous combinations or dangerously high dosages of drugs:

Occasionally we have users enter our community expecting that, due to the subject matter of the community, we will support them in dangerous behaviours and attitudes towards drug use - this is not our purpose; the TripSit community is geared towards harm reduction and support, and as such we will never recommend or tolerate dangerous or reckless drug use.

It is against the rules to endorse or encourage dangerous behaviours in drug consumption, just as it is completely unacceptable to expect our community to endorse or encourage your dangerous behaviour.

It is, in fact, seen as a responsibility of the community's members to actively discourage dangerous behaviours. While for the most part we are not qualified to provide medical advice, members of the TripSit community are extremely knowledgeable, wise, and often have ample life experience in a range of situations pertaining to drug use. Please accept and consider the advice given to you seriously, and note that ignorance of advice pertaining to potentially life threatening situations will not be tolerated.

Please also note that in a situation identified as life-threatening, or one in which the community's users believe immediate medical attention is required, we will *always* attempt to contact local authorities to help you.

Furthermore, users identified as continually engaging in reckless drug-use behaviour are seen as a bad influence on the community as a whole, detracting from and actively working against our image as a harm-reduction community. As such, these behaviours are considered against the rules.

Contravention of the guidelines stated above may result in either a temporary or permanent exclusion from the community (under discretion of the administrators).

If you are confused or feel unclear about any of the guidelines discussed on this page, feel free to contact a TripSit administrator, who will help you reach a clear understanding of what is and isn't tolerated in our community.

#tripsit information

This channel is for people currently under the influence of drugs and those there to sit them. Only light-hearted and positive conversation here. We all know how easily a trip can turn bad just by a simple thought. Anyone caught being facetious will be warned and then banned if need be. Please take any drug discussion, arguments or otherwise distracting chatter to #drugs instead. This channel should always be ready to help fellow members.

#psychonaut information

This channel is aimed toward any discussion relating to psychonautics, spirituality, or other more "advanced" subjects that wouldn't fit the general chat of #drugs.

#tripradio information

This channel is for discussion about TripRadio. Want to DJ? Want to make a request? Want to figure out how to set up your computer to DJ? Want to discuss music? Come here


If you are unclear about why you are getting warned/reported/kicked/banned, please discuss with the staff in Please do not take any of this personally. We love you all!

1. Written warning

  • Warning will be sent via PM on most occasions as to avoid drama in the main channels

2. Kick

  • Kicks will be issued after a warning on most cases
  • Kicks may be used without providing a warning if a user is clearly trolling or the discussion has to be stopped immediately
  • Kicks are mostly to send a message to the user and to other users that this behavior is not tolerated
  • Kicks aren't that big a deal; you can rejoin the channel immediately

3. Ban

  • Repeat offenders will be considered for a temporary or permanent ban
  • Each situation is different, so temporary and permanent bans will be handled case by case
  • All bannings are discussed by severla mods unless there are other circumstances -
  • tripbot will have information regarding banning. Simply enter ~ban_[user]

Meta talk regarding BTC and SR is allowed

  • Talk regarding vendors, prices, specifics about products or transaction details is stritcly prohibited and treated the same as sourcing (Insta-kick as a first and only warning, Ban on repeat offense)