Network rules

All Snoonet network rules are in effect.

A full list is here.

General rules

  • Do not ask where to buy drugs! Sourcing (the act of asking for, receiving or giving sources for illegal substances) is HIGHLY against the rules, this includes PM. Please report all instances using ~report <#room> <user> <reason> and the admins will take care of it.
  • Impersonating an officer of the law will get you kicked until you change your name. Repeated attempts to join with the same name will be banned.
  • Do not insult other users. Keep it positive people!
  • Do not ask for money, BTC, or users to send you drugs (sourcing).
  • Keep discussions in the proper channel. IE: Keep psychonaut and spirituality topics in #psychonaut and keep technical discussion and debate on drugs in #drugnerds. Use to talk to the admins and discuss meta topics like banning and questions about the rules. The #drugs channel is for discussing drugs in a general sense. This includes dosage, effects, routes of administration, and just general chat.

#tripsit information

This channel is for people currently under the effects of any type of drug. Only light-hearted and positive conversation here. We all know how easily a trip can turn bad just by a simple thought. Anyone caught being facetious will be warned and then banned if need be.

#psychonaut information

This channel is aimed toward any discussion relating to psychonautics, spirituality, or other more "advanced" subjects that wouldn't fit the general chat of #drugs.

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