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Please use the ~report command (~report #channel user reasonhere) if you see a tripsit user break any rule, guideline or policy listed below!

TripSit IRC Terms of Service

By connecting and remaining connected to this server you agree to the following Terms of Serivce:

1. You indemnify, it's owner, administrators, and it's staff, from all liability of your use on this site.

2. You acknowlege IRC is a free, real-time, unmoderated media.

3. You agree to hold responsible yourself, and no other for the consequences of your actions while here.

4. You agree that by remaining connected to this server, you have accepted these Terms of Service

5. If you do not agree to these terms, you must disconnect now.

6. All Snoonet network rules are in effect. For a full list of rules please visit


A user's I.P. address is obfuscated by default upon connection to Snoonet network, but a hostmask cloak may be requested to spoof the entire hostmask, this is a measure of greater security and makes channel operations much easier. To receive a cloak, join #help and type ” ~cloakme “.


Nicknames may not contain any racial slurs or bigotry in the nickname. In case of nickname containing a slur - it will be removed, and multiple offenses may result in bans. Nicknames may not contain any special signs such as: !@#$%&*()=+/;:'“~ The only exclusion is an underscore '_' and the vertical bar ' | ' character used to denote extra information. Nicknames must not impersonate a reddit user.

General Tripsit Rules

By connecting to any chat channel within the TripSit network (#drugs, #tripsit, #psychonaut, #drugsVIP, #tripradio, #psychpharm,, etc) you agree you will:

1. Use common sense and don’t do questionable things. If you have any doubt over whether your topic, question, advice, or comment is acceptable, feel free to speak to any operator or staff member on the IRC channel or join to grab the attention of everyone available. We are happy to give you a solid judgement on whether your topic is acceptable in private without judgement or consequence.

2. Keep discussions in the appropriate channel. The #drugs channel is moderated by the TripSit staff and is our most frequently used channel. It is used for general drug discussion. This includes dosage, effects, routes of administration, and just general chat. Use #tripsit for calmer chat and for counseling. We have #psychonaut for spirituality topics and #psychopharm for chemistry topics. Finally, if you wish to discuss specific question or issues with moderators and administrators; this channel is devoted to discussing meta TripSit topics such as banning and rules inquriries.


Absolutely no sourcing Sourcings is defined as "discussion of where to specifically purchase or otherwise acquire substances of any kind; this includes links to legalsubstance vendors." This does include websites such as Amazon. Caffeine, Nootropics, and nitrous are all examples of legal substances that are still not allowed to be sourced Explaining that you can acquire psychedelics at music festivalsis is common knowledge and allowed, while discussing a specific website or vendor is strictly forbidden. Do not ask for money, BTC, or users to send you drugs. Keep in mind sarcasm is hard to tell on the internet.


Any discussion regarding vendors, prices, specifics about products or transaction details is stritcly prohibited and treated the same as sourcing (Insta-kick as a first and only warning, Ban on repeat offense)

Impersonating LEO

Impersonating an officer of the law, such as having a nickname that implies you are a LEO, will first result in a warning. If the nick is not changed the user will be kicked. Repeated attempts to join with the same name will result in a temporary or permanent ban.


We are a network devoted to harm reduction and positivity. Keep It Positive People (KIPP). No rude, mean, or judgmental language or discussion. This includes racial slurs, homophobia, and all other prejudice against any person or group of people. Do not insult other users; take heated arguments to private chat. Posting personal information about channel members, or doxing, is grounds for a permanent network ban. Trying to collect personal info of users is dealt with in the same manner.


This channel is for people currently under the influence of drugs and those there to sit them. This channel should always be ready to help fellow members. Please take any drug discussion, arguments or otherwise distracting chatter to #drugs instead. Only light-hearted and positive conversation here: We all know how easily a trip can turn bad just by a simple thought. Anyone caught being facetious will be warned and then banned if need be. Rules are STRICTLY enforced in this channel.

Harm Reduction

Occasionally we have users join our community expecting that, due to the subject matter of the community, we will support them in their dangerous behavior, use, and/or attitudes towards drug use. This is not our purpose; the TripSit community is devoted to harm reduction, support, and positvitiy, and we will never recommend or tolerate dangerous or reckless drug use. Users identified as continually engaging in reckless drug-use behavior are seen as a bad influence on the community as a whole, actively working against our mission statement to be a a harm-reduction community devoted to positive support. It is against the rules to endorse or encourage dangerous behavior regarding drug consumption, just as it is completely unacceptable to expect our community to endorse or encourage your dangerous behavior. It is, in fact, seen as the responsibility of the community's members to actively discourage dangerous behavior. All users who choose to do so are expected to discourage drug dosages, drug combinations, and/or any drug experimentation which could be reliably considered unsafe. Note that if a situation is identified as life-threatening, or one in which the community's users believe immediate medical attention is required, we will always attempt to contact local medical personel to help you. As such, these behaviors are considered against the rules and violators may be subjected to temporary or permanent bans (situation depending). Please accept and consider the advice given to you seriously and note that ignorance of advice pertaining to potentially life threatening situations will not be tolerated by our community.

Protocol for youngins

1. Do not give out advice about anything you are not 100% positive about. If you have no knowledge of the drug, do some research online before providing any advice.
2. Figure out why they want to take X substance
3. If they are using drugs as a coping mechanism
4. Encourage alternate forms of dealing with their problem. More often than not people take drugs because it satisfies something that they are not getting elsewhere.
5. If the reason they are using drugs is out of curiosity or purely recreational;

•Inform them, without exaggerating, the potential physiological, psychological and sociological risks, and make sure they comprehend them.

•Exacerbation of latent mental disorders, or presentation of acute symptoms such as paranoia etc.
•Interactions with current medications or health problems.

•Legal consequences if they get caught or do something stupid that puts others at harm. Basically, how their use could potentially affect others

6. Suggest a milder alternative to their intended route. IE: Half a tab instead of a full one;mushrooms instead of DMT; Adderall instead of meth.
7. Provide advice that is as accurate as possible that could help mitigate any of the dangers related to taking a mind altering substance

•Communicate that you do not condone the action but will provide information to best reduce harm.

•Make sure that they are ready to accept all consequences for their actions such as imprisonment or death
Why give advice instead of telling them to come back when they’re older?
•We do NOT condone the use of drugs before the age of 16, preferably 18 (state and international laws vary).
•As soon as a minor is already dead-set on doing drugs, you should switch to education mode, not continue to prohibit the use.

•Repeatedly saying not to do it is neither helpful to them, nor effective at reducing harm.

Prohibiting action is the best way to encourage said action, especially in children.
While it still may be harmful, TripSit staff can provide advice on how to reduce the dangers and risk of drug use and promote harm reduction - the closest you could get to "Harm Reduction Through Education"

Medical Advice

Please avoid spreading misinformation about drug use. Misinformation is harmful to our community. No information is always better than wrong information. It is still better to inform the person there may be no current information rather than staying silent and having them wonder if anyone noticed it. In most instances, people on the internet are not qualified to provide medical advice. Members of the TripSit community are extremely knowledgeable, wise, and often have ample life experience in a range of situations pertaining to drug use, however they are no substitute for a personal doctor. If you are not 100% positive about the advice you are thinking about giving, don't say it. If you don't have sources to validate your advice, do not say anything related to medical advice.

Suicide Threats

While TripSitters will try their best to help member cope with down feelings of depression or worse, we cannot tolerate threats of suicide. Suicide, depression and mental illness are not the focus of our network and our staff are not adequately trained to deal with suidical situations, nor is it fair to our network's member's to have the onus of guilt placed upon them for potential outcomes of such situations. If a member is experiencing suicidal thoughts or tendencies, we kindly ask them to consider either professional theraputic assistance, calling the Suicide Hotline, 911, or directing themselves to a community better equipped to deal with their kind of situation. We endorse Reddit's SuicideWatch community. Suicide prevention hotlines: USA: 1-800-273-8255 : National Suicide Prevention Lifeline International: Poison control hotlines: USA: 888 888 8822: UK 111 WHO Posion Control: In a situation in which we fear for a users life, we will remind them of the guidelines stated above and do everything in our power to assist the member find qualified help. In a dangerous overdose situation in which we believe immediate medical attention is required, we will always attempt to contact local medical personel. These behaviors disrupt the primary objectives of our community. Therefore, suicide threats and attempts are considered against the rules, and while we will try our best to help in the immediate timescale, such threats and attempts may result in either a temporary or permanent ban from the community (under discretion from the administrators).

Mental illness

While we are very accepting of members who may have mental illnesses and/or disorders, we do not condone or encourage the use or abuse of drugs that could interact, worsen, or otherwise negatively affect your health. The TripSit community will not serve as enabler for the destruction of your own mental or physical health. Please seek medical assistance if you have a question regarding mental illnesses or disorders and their interactions with drugs. We are not qualified to provide professional medical advice on drug interactions with mental ilnesses. We are here to help! If you want to discuss the topic, feel free to bring it up in our IRC channels or pm the TripSit team. We are happy to discuss any topic at length with you, warn you of any potential drug interactions as well as give you advice, love, respect and positive energy to the best of our ability. The TripSit community is always here to help and support you, no matter what. We love you and want to keep you with us!

Report Policy

Please help us keep our IRC channels remain a positive and enjoyable place to be. free from trolling and rule violators, by reporting users who are breaking the rules! If someone is breaking rules in a channel, you can use ‘~report [#channel] [user] [reason]‘ to report them to the TripSit staff. You can use this command in the channel or in a private message to tripbot. This command will alert TripSit staff members about the infringement or feedback and will investigate the incident as soon as possible. You can also report good behavior, such as good tripsitting or providing good advice! Be sure to give good people credit when it's due! Rule Breaking Procedure

As a member

~report the user If no action is taken, initiate a !votekick <user> yes/no or a !voteban

As a Power User

Follow the above procedure and respond to ~reports Tell the TripSit team in that you the report and will talk to the person in PM. Warning will be sent via PM on most occasions as to avoid drama in the main channels. Occasionally public warnings will be issued.

As a moderator or administrator:

Follow the above procedure and respond to ~reports, kicks, and other violations Kick immediately if behavior continues Kicks will be issued after a warning on most cases Kicks may be used without providing a warning if a user is clearly trolling or if the discussion must be stopped immediately Kicks are mostly to send a message to the user and to other users that this behavior is not tolerated Kick is more severe than a warning but does not do permenant damage. Kicks aren't that big a deal; you can rejoin the channel immediately if you choose to do so. Provide a reason and a link to the rules in the kick. Remain courteous: Most users are not 'bad' people. If they rejoin and continue, ~nban Repeat offenders will be considered for a temporary or permanent ban. Power users also can instute a vote ban using !voteban user yes/no Each situation is different and may be subjective, so temporary and permanent bans will be handled case by case basis. TripSit staff will consult with any violators at length before any decision is made. Several moderators, administrators, and TripSit Staff will handle all instances where a member may have to be banned. Temporary bans may also be issued. If a issue requires an immediate ban, please make sure you make notifcation of the ban using ~nban user reason tripbot will have information regarding all bans. Enter ~ban_user to see notes regarding the ban. Add a note to the ~banlist LAST RESORT: BANNED USERS DO NOT COME BACK NOR DO THEY TELL THEIR FRIENDS ABOUT OUR NETWORK If they protest or are unclear as to why they are banned, do not argue in PM, invite them to to keep it public and explain why they were banned. Keep it professional; do not make it personal, seek vengance or retaliation. Please do not take any of this personally as we are running a professional harm reduction network. We love you all, but some of you need a break sometimes! If they continue, involve RDV or snoonet staff to get a kline to remove them from the Snoonet network

Ban-Appealment Policy

Do not evade a ban issued to you. If you wish to discuss your ban, please PM a TripSit Moderator, Administrator, or staff member - or join