Current projects

Reworking the IRC and website infrastructure. Please get in touch if you want to contribute with coding or design work, you can reach us in #content or by sending an email to

Short-term goals

  • Finalize core staff team and lay out specific responsibilities
  • Determine feasability of visiting a festival together and begin planning

Long-term goals

  • TripSit Online Services
  1. IRC Network
  2. Online store
  3. Drug Factsheets
  4. Drug Information Wiki
    • Safe dosage information
    • Possible side-effects & addiction potential
    • How to handle bad experiences & what to do if too much is ingested
  5. The TripSIt API
  • TripSit Merchandise
  1. T-shirts & Sweatshirts
  2. Water bottles
  3. Stickers
  4. Drug Reagent Testing Kits
  5. Drug Combination Posters
  • TripSit Festival Services
  1. Dedicated TripSit tent/area where we can provide services to festival goers:
  2. Sell merchadise
  3. Provide assistance to those having a bad trip or experience
  4. Offer information or pamphlets about different substances and the effects and safety precautions pertaining to them
  5. Have medical staff on site for emergency cases

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