Corporations draw their power by taking a bunch of people, pooling resources and doing something that neither of them could do on their own before. It's hard to survive on your own in this world, especially when you're into the kinds of things that i'm into (drugs and spirituality). Growing up I (Teknos) never had much of a family to depend on. My parents were divorced and i never felt like part of my dad's family. My uncle on my Mom's side saw to my grandparents alienating us for a while. My real family was always my friends, whom i could trust more than the rest of my blood relations. People who weren't forced to be my 'brother' because of blood but because they wanted to.

The Idea

I buy a house that needs a bit of work (cheap). Id invite 3-4 of my closest friends to come live in it. We pool our money together to fix up the house and accelerate our lives with school and networking. More people will naturally gravitate to us and when we get enough money we buy another house (seed) that will grow into its own self-sustaining system (tree). We keep dropping "seeds" everywhere until we have a large enough network of regular, trustworthy people. Strength in numbers, strength in unity.

The future

A network of psychonauts across the globe who can provide services to our family and society. We turn 'drug users' into 'chemical researchers' and try to improve the image of psychonauts/users. Or we take over the world. This part isnt really thought out yet, but if we can get at least ONE 'tree' going i'll be happy.

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