~notify [#channel] <message> Notify staff of a channel of a message. This can be run in either PM or in the channel.
~quiet [time] [#channel] <user> [reason]
~unquiet [#channel] <user>
~warn <user> <reason> This will add a warning to the user and show a link to all warnings of that user in
~rmwarning <user> = <warn>
~nban [time] <user> [reason] [#kline or #specialk] Ban a user from the network. #kline and #specialk tags will also automatically k-line the user.
~nunban <user> [reason] Unban a user from the network.
~ban <user> [command] Ban a user from using a command. Command may be replaced with '*,' which will ban a user from use of all commands. Users banned from all commands will still be subject to module listeners.
~unban <user> [command] Unban a user from using a given command. If a user was previously banned using the '*' wildcard, they may also be unbanned from such by replacing command with an asterisk here as well.
~alias [user] If an alias is provided, this command will return the primary user for which this is an alias for. If a primary user is provided, it will return a confirmation of this fact and a count of how many aliases belong to the user.
~setaliasparent <newparent> Set a nick which is currently serving as an alias to the primary user, while setting what was previously the primary user as an alias of the new primary user. Requires moderator level access by default.
~mergeusers <primaryuser> <secondaryuser> This command merges two nicks which are recorded as primary users into one user. The secondary user and all of their aliases will be merged under primaryuser. Requires moderator level access by default.

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