This page is a summary of our Rules.

Do not ask where to get currencies or substances, or discuss vendors of currencies or substances

Legal, Illegal, it doesn't matter. This is called "sourcing" is not allowed for various reasons (see the full Rules page).

Do not ask where to get substances or currencies, or discuss vendors of currencies or substances

This rule is important, so it's stated twice.

Use common sense. If you think "this might be sketchy" then /join to ask.

Most of our rules are stuff that should be known to most people who frequent the internet. People who lack the judgement to determine common sense are welcome to /join to speak to the managers.

If it's not allowed on most websites, it's probably not allowed here.

We don't ask much more than what is acceptable on reddit. Please use your good judgement.

Keep the community positive: Do not harass users or staff.

TripSit is a positive community. Degrading the community is a no-no.

Do not give harmful information. If you're not sure your information is accurate, it's better to not say it.

No information is better than wrong information. We're a harm reduction network, and take giving bad advice very seriously.

Do not ignore harm reduction advice given by the community.

While the people here are not qualified to give medical advice, there is a wealth of collective knowledge that will lead to urging of a particular direction. If the community is, for example, telling a user not to ingest any more of a substance, or to call EMS, and the user refuses to act upon this harm reduction advice, they may be removed from the room and network.

Do not use the terms "faggot" or "nigger" in TripSit owned channels.

These two terms have a highly negative connotation to them, and are hardly useful for productive conversation.

Do not be under 13 and using our network.

This is in compliance with US law. If you're under 13 you need to have your parents permission.

Do not be under 18 and be in IRC channels other than #tripsit and temporarily #sanctuary.

For details on why we have an 18+ rule, please check the blog post:

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