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== Other pages ==
== Other pages ==

* '''[[DJ Application|DJ application]]''' - look here for how to apply to become a DJ.
* '''[[DJ Application|DJ application]]''' - see here for how to apply to become a DJ.
* [[How to DJ|How to DJ & Radio Software setup]]
* [[How to DJ|How to DJ & Radio Software setup]]
* [[Radio schedule|DJ Schedule]]
* [[Radio schedule|DJ Schedule]]
* [List of DJs]
== Current DJs ==
These people are known to DJ on the radio. Please add yourself to this list if you are an active DJ. You can message admins and mods for the DJ password.
* bod - Admin
* trainwreck - Mod
* Teknos - Mod
* DarkTwist
* toastercookie
* Buffalooney
* serodr0nin
* Borax
* trees
* reality
* DrGonzo
* sevenforall

== Listen ==
== Listen ==

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Radio News

Feb 23, 2013 You no longer have to enter a Username or Account name in your DJ software. Just leave the field blank.

Jan 28, 2013 There's now a fallback stream which plays music when there's no DJ. As a result, the username is changed to tripradio - the password isn't changed. To get FTP access to upload fallback stream music, pm bod.

Other pages


Listen using Flash player Listen with M3U playlist

The radio station is supported on most players, including:

  • Winamp
  • Foobar2000
  • iTunes
  • iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc.
  • Android


You can view the status page here:

Channel commands

There's a few IRC commands you can use to get information about the radio:

  • %status - shows whether or not it's playing
  • %listeners - how many listeners are there?

For DJs, there's a few more commands:

  • /msg bot djon <password> - logs you on as a DJ, letting you take requests.
  • /msg bot djoff - when you're done, just log off to let others take over