List of staff and their roles

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If your name is on this list, feel free to add to your duties, responsibilities, and how you are contributing to the network or would like to contribute to the network! If you wish to become part of the TripSit staff, please fill out an application and send it to a staff member (~staff application)

Operators/Administrators +VvOosirRftAS

OPS/Admin : Responsible for back-end site work and overseeing the SPU and PU teams.

  • Teknos - Founder and admin
  • reality - Will Hunting-esque genius
  • Bod - Radio, coding, server
  • Pandadream - Nexus
  • trainwreck - #tripradio mod, writing, editing, and channel administration. Researching and putting together plans for becoming a Non-Profit.
  • trees - street team administration, editing, writing
  • rssbot
  • (Tripbot)

Moderators +VvoirtA

General managerial duties and front-end support. Moderators have more responsibilities than PU's and have the ability to kick from #drugs

  • ProButcher - mediator, awesome dude
  • Borax - r/drugs moderator
  • DarkTwist

Power Users

  • DrGonzo
  • Ocore
  • Adorkable
  • Sundown
  • Toasterlizard
  • n8wacht
  • sundown
  • physical
  • TheTopWalrus
  • TheTopWalrus
  • Sherlockian_Holmes
  • toasterlizard

Tripsitters +VviA (#tripsit)

If you want to be a tripsitter please PM an op

  • adorkable
  • bob_johnson
  • BoBeR
  • buffalooney
  • DrGonzo
  • DrSource
  • EgoAnnihilation
  • Hosie
  • JellyMcNelly
  • lenny
  • mollydreams
  • Ocore
  • orb
  • Physical
  • Sherlckian_Holmes
  • Sleep
  • Sundown
  • The_Influence
  • TheTopWalrus
  • toasterlizard
  • tryptamine
  • twocb
  • virgil
  • WalkAndSkank

ChanServ Permissions Details

'Operator/Admin +AFORVfiorstv

Moderator +AFfiorv

Power Users +AViv

Tripsitters +VviA (in #tripsit)

+Vv - Enables use of the voice/devoice commands.

+Oo - Enables use of the op/deop commands.

+s - Enables use of the set command.

+i - Enables use of the invite and getkey commands.

+r - Enables use of the kick, kickban, ban and unban commands.

+R - Enables use of the recover and clear commands.

+f - Enables modification of channel access lists.

+t - Enables use of the topic and topicappend commands.

+A - Enables viewing of channel access lists.

+S - Marks the user as a successor.