List of staff and their roles

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If your name is on this list, feel free to add to your duties, responsibilities, and how you are contributing to the network or would like to contribute to the network!

If you wish to become part of the TripSit staff, please fill out an application and send it to a staff member (~staff application).

Staff List


  • reality
  • Teknos
  • SevenCats
  • PhilosophicalDuck
  • sHR00m
  • winter


  • SoundSpire
  • Seg
  • potato


  • Pope
  • UKsteve
  • aboriginal-bubbles
  • mokay
  • mildcannibal
  • potato
  • SpaceLady
  • Scritch

Inactive Sysops

  • toasterlizard
  • hibs

Inactive Operators (Alumnis)

  • Crystal
  • Saga
  • Physical

Inactive Moderators (Alumnis)

  • Trees
  • HaDeZz

Channel Guardians (Inactive / Alumnis)

  • TKettle

Inactive TripSitters (Alumnis)

  • Racemic
  • happycamper
  • boy
  • monkeyz
  • Dr1ftEE
  • Dread
  • dub
  • Fade
  • icedtea4life
  • Itchy_Robot
  • King_of_Ireland
  • LiVeen
  • LucidityStill
  • Picklerat
  • Sykonaut
  • uncarbonated
  • wtf_igo
  • Xibeca
  • yondalar
  • yorii
  • zessy


  • SpiritRealm
  • TheSerion
  • xnite
  • blurryturtle
  • Sp00ky
  • cyrilio
  • Dread
  • Xibeca


  • thanatos - The IRC bot that loves to beep and go through logs!
  • tripbot - The IRC bot you've come to know and love
  • circuit - Runs the circuits
  • katyusha - Experimental bot by mogad0n
  • watbot - Legacy entertainment bot maintaned by mogad0n

VIP's and Special Exceptions

  • Borax - Mod of /r/drugs and drug knowledge consultant
  • Bryce - Our MAPS partner
  • Klafka - Our DanceSafe partner

Organisational Structure

Aside from primary staff positions, we organise ourselves based on a tree.



  • Base of the team, responsible for making sure everything is running okay.
  • reality, Teknos, SevenCats


  • "Projects" or "teams" that work on their own objectives.
  • Branch leaders report to admins on the status of projects and direct their team (leaves) on how to proceed.


  • Staff who work on projects with their branch leaders.

Branches and their Point of Contacts

tripbot Branch

  • Branch Leader: reality
  • Description: Enhancing tripbot's code to better serve TripSit.
  • Resources: dbot, commands, web interface.
  • Successive Leaders: SevenCats, mogad0n

TripSit App Branch

  • Branch Leader: hibs
  • Description: Developing and maintaining the TripSit app.
  • Resources:

Radio Branch (Inactive)

  • Branch Leader: Physical
  • Description: Run the music community on TripSit. Manage TripSit.FM.
  • Resources: TripSit Radio, #music.

Steam Branch (Inactive)

  • Branch Leader: Teknos
  • Description: Steam Game Group.
  • Resources: Steam Group, #gaming.

TripSit Department of Psychonautical Informatics

  • Branch Leader: reality
  • Description: Continuing to update our Wiki and other resources to include useful harm reduction information for the world.
  • Resources: Wiki, Factsheets.

Department of Psychonautics

  • Branch leader: Teknos
  • Description: Getting attention to our network from the Psychonaut community.
  • Resources: #psychonaut.