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If your name is on this list, feel free to add to your duties, responsibilities, and how you are contributing to the network or would like to contribute to the network! If you wish to become part of the TripSit staff, please fill out an application and send it to a staff member (~staff application)

Operators/Administrators +VvOosirRftAS

OPS/Admin : Responsible for back-end site work and overseeing the SPU and PU teams.

  • Teknos - Founder and admin
  • reality - Will Hunting-esque genius
  • Bod - Radio, coding, server
  • Pandadream - Nexus
  • trainwreck - #tripradio mod, writing, editing, and channel administration. Researching and putting together plans for becoming a Non-Profit.
  • trees - street team administration, editing, writing
  • rssbot
  • (Tripbot)

Moderators +VvoirtA

General managerial duties and front-end support. Moderators have more responsibilities than PU's and have the ability to kick from #drugs

  • ProButcher - mediator, awesome dude
  • Borax - r/drugs moderator
  • DarkTwist

Power Users

  • DrGonzo
  • Ocore
  • Adorkable
  • Sundown
  • Toasterlizard
  • n8wacht
  • sundown
  • physical
  • TheTopWalrus
  • Sherlockian_Holmes
  • toasterlizard

Tripsitters +VviA (#tripsit)

If you want to be a tripsitter please PM an op

  • adorkable
  • bob_johnson
  • BoBeR
  • buffalooney
  • DrGonzo
  • DrSource
  • EgoAnnihilation
  • Hosie
  • JellyMcNelly
  • lenny
  • mollydreams
  • Ocore
  • orb
  • Physical
  • Sherlckian_Holmes
  • Sleep
  • Sundown
  • The_Influence
  • TheTopWalrus
  • toasterlizard
  • tryptamine
  • twocb
  • virgil
  • WalkAndSkank

Organizational structure and Point of Contacts

We organize ourselves based on a tree.


  • Base of the team, responsible for making sure everything is running okay
  • Reality, bod, teknos, trainwreck


  • "Projects" or "teams" that work on their own objectives
  • Branch leaders report to admins on status of projects and direct their team (leaves) on how to procede
  • Branch leaders depend on different projects. Suggested branch and branch leaders bellow, not final list.


  • Staff who work on projects with their branch leaders


  • Tripsitters
  • Useful but not involved in the management of the network

Branches and their Point of Contacts

Tripbot Branch

Radio Branch: #tripradio

  • Enhances the radio broadcasting and gains awareness to the radio
  • Branch Leader: trainwreck
  • Current status: Getting more DJ's and diagrams on how to connect
  • Upload Music to our FTP!: FTP INFO: ask trainwreck, bod

Street Team branch

  • Stickers, logos, advertisements, shirts, other merch
  • Branch leader: Trees
  • Current Status: Getting merch printed and shipped! Keep promoting for donations!

Nexus branch

  • Moderate the nexus and promote online
  • Branch leader: N8wacht
  • Current Status: Promote the nexus! Use it!

Book Branch #bookclub

  • Promote the book club and the exchange
  • Branch Leader: Ocore

Steam Branch


  • Minecraft server hosting and mantenance
  • Branch Leader: Darktwist

FAQ Guide Branch

Psychonaut branch: #psychonaut

  • Getting attention to our network from the /r/psychonaut crowd
  • Branch leader: Teknos

Psychopharm branch: #psychopharm

  • Provide factual assistance and promote the channel
  • Branch Leader: Borax

Drugs VIP branch: #drugsvip

  • Promote the VIP room and bring regulars there
  • Branch Leader: darktwist

Mediation Branch: #teamtripsit (also used for staff discussion)

  • Someone who spends an obsessive amount of time in chat, knows the people, knows their conflicts, and helps resolve them
  • Branch leader: reality, ProButcher

Drugs Branch: #drugs

  • Promotion and moderation of the #drugs branch
  • Branch Leader: Reality

Tripsit Branch: #tripsit and /r/tripsit

  • Promotion and moderation of the #tripsit branch
  • Branch Leader: Teknos

New staff added by necessity to a certain team. We do not need a certain number of staff, but it would be foolish to turn down someone who wants to help. If you or someone you know wants to work on a project let the POC of that branch know.

ChanServ Permissions Details

'Operator/Admin +AFORVfiorstv

Moderator +AFfiorv

Power Users +AViv

Tripsitters +VviA (in #tripsit)

+Vv - Enables use of the voice/devoice commands.

+Oo - Enables use of the op/deop commands.

+s - Enables use of the set command.

+i - Enables use of the invite and getkey commands.

+r - Enables use of the kick, kickban, ban and unban commands.

+R - Enables use of the recover and clear commands.

+f - Enables modification of channel access lists.

+t - Enables use of the topic and topicappend commands.

+A - Enables viewing of channel access lists.

+S - Marks the user as a successor.