bot is owned by bod. It announces new posts from a few related subreddits.

There's a few commands:

  • General
    •  !voteban user yes/no
    •  !seen user
    •  !bitcoin exchange - shows bitcoin exchange rates. Defaults to mtgoxUSD
    •  !btcbal address - shows balance for a bitcoin address
    •  !weather city - shows weather for that areas
    •  !isup domain - checks whether a website works, and shows latency NEW
  • Search Commands:
    •  !erowid query
    •  !google query
    •  !youtube query
    •  !mlp query
  • Radio commands:
    •  %listeners
    •  %status


tripbot is reality's bot, and is a personal project of his:

  • ~qadd quote=text
  • ~report #channel user reasonhere
  • ~lincent user
  • ~loudest
  • ~last user

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