Never used IRC before? This guide will get you up to speed and provide a quick reference guide for you!

Beginer commands

  • Changing your nickname is done with:
  • /nick name
  • Joining a room is done with:
  • /join #room
  • Leaving a room is done with:
  • /part #room
  • Sending someone a private message is done with:
  • /query user message
  • Display all available channels:
  • /list

What different symbols mean

+ - User has voice in a room.

  • Strictly symbolic.

@ - User has operator status in the room.

  • User can kick, ban/unban, quiet/unquiet for that room only.

Miscellaneous Commands

  • /me does something
  • /whois nickname
  • /away away-message-here
  • /quit [optional farewell message]

NickServ commands

Nickserv allows nickname based commands, here's a basic rundown of the most commonly used commands.

  • /msg nickserv register password email
  • Registers your current nickname so nobody else can use it.
  • Once registerred, you will need to identify to your nickname whenever you log on. (Explained below)
  • Registerring will automatically provide you with a hostmask matching tripsit/user/Username. This is shown instead of your scrambled host.
  • /msg nickserv identify {username} password
  • Allows you to sign in to your nickserv registerred account. (Explained above)
  • username is optional, can be used to identify to your nickname while using a different nick.
  • /msg nickserv ghost username password
  • Allows you to remotely disconnect anybody currently using your nickserv registerred nickname.
  • Useful when your connection drops and you don't want to wait for the ping timeout.

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