Never used IRC before? This guide will get you up to speed and provide a quick reference guide for you!

Beginer commands

Changing your nickname is done with:

/nick name

Joining a room is:

/join #room

Leaving a room is:

/part #room

Sending someone a private message is:

/query user message

Show channel list:

/list What different symbols mean

+ - User has voice in a room.

Strictly symbolic.

@ - User has operator status in the room.

User can kick, ban/unban, quiet/unquiet for that room only.

Misc. Commands.

/me does something

/whois nickname

/away away-message-here

/quit [optional farewell message]

NickServ commands

/msg nickserv register password email

Registers your current nickname so nobody else can use it.

Once registerred, you will need to identify to your nickname whenever you log on. (Explained below)

Registerring will automatically provide you with a hostmask matching tripsit/user/Username

This is shown instead of your scrambled host.

/msg nickserv identify {username} password

Allows you to sign in to your nickserv registerred account. (Explained above)

username is optional, can be used to identify to your nickname while using a different nick.

/msg nickserv ghost username password

Allows you to remotely disconnect anybody currently using your nickserv registerred nickname.

Useful when your connection drops and you don't want to wait for the ping timeout.

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