How do I help TripSit?

Depending on your skills and desire to be involved, there are a few ways you can help out without becoming a full staff member, and we also have two paths for people to being more involved in the organization directly. This post will detail a few ways you can help us out.

Join the IRC.

At some point, IRC access will be necessary, so you will need a way to access IRC. As you may have noticed, we try as hard as we can to get people out of the subreddit and online in the chat room. Real-time communication is the best medium for assisting people and for collaborating on projects. The easiest way to do this is through our webchat. This will get you the quickest access to our assistance chat room, #tripsit, as well as our general and drug chat rooms: #home and #drugs.

While using a webchat client works, the features of a desktop client are almost necessary. The TripSit Team have provided our own client, that is a version of KVIRC with our server information added to it. People who download this client will only have to set up SASL and register their nickname.

If you can't use KVIRC or prefer to use a different client, you can download a client on your own and use our [( guide to setting up the client]to help figure out how to connect. If you hit any roadblocks you can join the #help room(by saying "/join #help" without the quotes.

If you're already an IRC pro, our server information is:

  • Server:
  • SSL Port: 6697

How do I become a TripSitter?

The wonderful world of TripSitting is easy to enter, but difficult to master. People new to IRC do not realize that chat rooms can be stagnant for hours before picking up an intense amount of traffic. A lot of people who want to help out will join the channel and ask "Who needs help?". When no-one answers immediately, they leave and only seconds later someone will join and ask for help. They don't know they should really stick around since it may be only a few minutes before someone will join and ask for assistance. This guide is here to help inform you of these mistakes and teach you how to be an awesome TripSitter!

Our flagship resource for helping people is the #tripsit room on our chat service. Activity in this channel is kept idle until someone needs help, so you should join the other channels on the network, like #drugs and #home, until there's activity in the room. Be sure to read the topic for important information!

Most of the time, people just need someone to reassure them that they're going to be okay, but there are experienced TripSitters standing by at all times in the event that it needs some specialized attention. You should idle in the #tripsit room and check in when you see activity. While waiting, review our guide on how to tripsit online.

If you can consistently help out people in this room, you can submit an application and we'll offer you a position as an official TripSitter. After this, you can continue to be more involved in various ways and make it up to a Moderator position to help out the rest of our channels on the network. There's more positions than Moderator for people who want to help out more and can show dependability and trustworthiness.

Can I assist with substance research?

Of course! As you may know, we have a large repository of substance information including our Wiki and factsheets. We are constantly adding, reviewing and expanding these. Working on drug information or potential changes is a great way to help directly, and can be conducted with the content team in the #content channel of our IRC network.

People who contribute extensively to wiki articles can apply to become an official staff member under the Contributor role and have more control over aspects of the wiki and additional projects. Eventually Contributors can become Editors with a more direct say in how we manage our information.

How else can I help?

One of the most beneficial ways to the network in general is to simply join the community, get to know the people, and be an awesome person. By making friends and setting a good example, you can influence a lot of people in a positive way just in the words you say. You might also find some good friends yourself, as many of us have. You can find some quick information in our chat overview page, and the easiest way to join the community is to use our webchat

Do you take donations?

We survive purely on donations. We don't charge for any of our services or information, nor do we have any advertisements on the site. Our operational costs of running servers is funded through donations and out of pocket. Any amount of donation is appreciated, and if you give us your address we can send you a few stickers as a way of saying thanks.

  • Bitcoin donations: 1EDqf32gw73tc1WtgdT2FymfmDN4RyC9RN

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