While TripSit scrambles IP's and hostmasks by default, some users want another layer of protection. For this reason TripSit provides a Tor hidden service to allow anonymous connections. You will need to connect without Tor at least once to register your nickname.

Register a nickname

Connect without tor and register a nickname with NickServ (More information here).

Use tor as a proxy

Configure your IRC client to use Tor as a proxy. Directions for individual clients can be found here.

Please note that Tor now uses a different control port, your proxy configuration should be pointed at port 9150 instead of port 9050.

Start Tor

Start the Tor daemon (Or Vidalia control panel).

Configure your IRC client

Set up your client to connect to fgkjgjce66ymgx2g.onion on port 6697; With SSL enabled. Configure your client to identify with SASL, otherwise you won't be able to connect. (A guide on how to configure SASL can be found here).


Connect! It may take some time to negotiate a connection through the Tor network, so be patient! If there's any issue, join #help or PM Physical.

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