How to DJ

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How to apply

Send a message to either BaconOverdose or Teknos on the IRC chat to get the streaming password.

You can also ask in the IRC chat channel #tripradio on Snoonet.

Current DJs

These people are known to DJ on the radio. Please add yourself to this list.

  • Teknos
  • DarkTwist
  • toastercookie
  • BaconOverdose
  • trainwreck

Requirements for becoming a DJ

  • Fast, reliable, internet connection
  • Willing to take requests
  • Willing to play music that doesn't suck

Streaming info

Here's the details you need to know to setup your streaming software:

Radio software Icecast
Port 8000
Mount point tripradio
Password Apply to get password
Streaming format mp3

Required information

All DJs have to set up their streaming client like this:

Stream title [TRIPRADIO] - WWW.TRIPSIT.ME - #drugs @
Stream description Your IRC nickname

Here's how butt should look:

And nicecast:

Basic guide to DJing

If you are totally new to DJing, here's what you need to know:

  • For Mac and PC, the butt streaming software is good:
  • Step 1: Select Stereo mix as Audio device.
  • Step 2: Configure the server:
    • Example of butt server settings:
    • Nicecast:
  • Step 3: Press Play to start streaming.