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Setting up your streaming software

Here's the details you need to know to setup your streaming software.

Primary DJ Server

Server software Icecast2
Hostname - not
Port 8000
Mount point /tripradio
Username (or "Account") Leave empty
Password Apply to get password
Streaming format mp3 only, 128kbit - not 320kbit!

Note: Sometimes the "/" in Mount Point "/tripradio" is not required and added automatically. If you cannot join, try removing the "/" and try reconnecting. If that doesn't work, go back and add the "/". For whatever reason, it can be very finicky sometimes.

Testing Stream

Use this stream for testing before applying for the main server password. The testing stream is not public. You can listen at - try testing it on your mobile phone or another computer to see if the audio quality is good.

Server software Icecast2
Port 8000
Mount point /tripradiotest
Password tripradiotest
Streaming format mp3 only, 128kbit

Example of server settings:

The screenshots may be outdated. The table below has the correct information.

Required information

All DJs have to set up their streaming client like this:

Stream title [TRIPRADIO] - WWW.TRIPSIT.ME - #drugs @
Stream description Your IRC nickname

Basic guide to DJing

If you are totally new to DJing, here's what you need to know:

Nicecast - Mac

  • I recommend Nicecast. I think its the best one out there and streams meta information. You can purchase it or find it elsewhere.
    • More info here: [Media:]
    • You can stream from many audio applications, devices and programs. The program is pretty straightforward user friendly.

Butt - Mac and PC

  • butt streaming software is good. However, meta information often does not broadcast unless its perfect. Butt only streams outbound volume from your built in output
    • Download butt here: [1]
  • Step 1: Select Stereo mix as Audio device.
    • If Stereo mix isn't available, try Virtual Audio Cable
    • If you're on Mac OS X, you probably want to use Soundflower to reroute your audio. Then open up your application SoundFlowerBed, which will put an icon in your upper toolbar (next to volume, display, synch, etc). Open up soundflowerbed and set Soundflowerbed (2ch) to built in output.
  • Step 2: Configure the server as per the server settings above
  • Step 3: Press Play to start streaming.

Edcast with Winamp - PC

Mixxx - Mac and PC

  • Follow the screenshots