While TripSit allows most IRC clients to connect without registering a nickname first, the way IRCCloud's client/relaying service is designed facilitates an excessive amount of use solely for the purposes of evading bans on our network.

For this reason TripSit now requires IRCCloud users to identify with SASL.

You will need to connect using a different client/service at least once to register your nickname. You can use kiwi to do this.

Register a nickname

Connect using a different client/service and register a nickname with NickServ (More information can be found on the How To Register your Nickname page.)

Configure your IRC client

Set up your client to connect to irc.tripsit.me on port 6697; Configure your client to identify with SASL, otherwise you won't be able to connect. (A guide on how to configure SASL can be found here).


Connect! If there's any issue, the #help room has staff there to address network-related issues, such as problems connecting.

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