This will register your current nickname with NickServ. This will allow you to assert some form of identity on the network and to be added to access lists. Furthermore, NickServ will warn users using your nick without identifying, change their nick after a period of time if they don't identify, and allow you to kill ghosts (when for some reason your nick is still in use when you're not using it). The password is a case-sensitive password that you make up. Please write down or memorize your password! You will need it later to change settings.

How to register

Syntax: /msg nickserv REGISTER <password> <email-address>

Examples: /msg NickServ REGISTER bar

The email-adress does not have to be valid as of November 2013.

You will then be registered with Tripsit and be able to chat with us on #tripsitVIP.

Remember your password as you will need to use it in identifying your nickname.

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