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Heroin (Diacetylmorphine, Morphine Diacetate and also Diamorphine) Was first synthesized in 1874 by C.R. Alder Wright. Is the 3,6-Diacetyl ester of Morphine.


Number 4 is the purest form, which is a white or greyish substance that is easily dissolved and injected. Is HCl so all ROACommon abbreviation for Route Of Administration, used to describe the various different methods of ingesting drugs, including oral, insufflation, sublingual/buccal, rectal, vaginal, intramuscular (IM) and intravenous (IV) injection.’s are possible.(?)

Number 3 Is the freebase form of number 3. Needs some things to convert it into a salt, Most suitable for smoking.

Number 2 Morphine base/HCl.

Number 1 Opium

Black Tar Heroin In a sense doesn’t fall under the above number, as it uses a completely different method from opium to heroin. Contains 6-MAM and 3-MAM (Which binds relatively weak to the mu receptors)



Intravenous (IV)

Common with no tolerance. 5-15mg’s.

Strong with no tolerance. 10-20mg’s

(NOTE. We are not inside your body or brain, we do not know your tolerance.)

Common with a tolerance 20-30mg’s

Strong with a tolerance 30-50mg’s


Common: 10-20mg’s

Strong: 20-30mg’s.



Onset 10-20 seconds.

Duration 4-5 hours. Smoked

Onset 5-10 seconds

Peak 5-10 minutes.

Duration 3-5 hours.


The following substances or products could react negatively with Heroin and could cause an overdose if mixed together.

(A common misconception is that Grapefruit juice potentiates Morphine and/or Heroin. It does not)

Diphenhydramine(Any first class anti-histamines)


The following substances or products could react negatively with Heroin and could cause an overdose if mixed together. (A common misconception is that Grapefruit juice potentiates morphine and/or Heroin. It does not)

Diphenhydramine (Any first class anti-histamines)


Hello fellow & former opiate/heroin addicts. I have some very important information that may save your life one day. There's a good chance you've heard it before, but cannot emphasize how strong its so important to know the following critical information:

    • If you relapse after having a week or more clean time, you have very well may die. Why, you ask? Most cases involve an individual who managed to get clean for a fair amount of time and relapse, often using the same dose they normally would use. Sometimes even less. In fact, I'd wager that at least 70% of heroin related deaths are from who make this lethal mistake. I feel obligated to make this post, as one of my closest friends died last month after making this common mistake.

There is more to keep in mind. Many people are not very bright, and don't realize how serious drug interactions can be, ESPECIALLY with little to no tolerance. A lot of other overdoses occur from people mixing heroin/opiates/alcohol with benzos. Without serious tolerance to all/any of these drugs, especially benzos, this is an incredibly potential lethal combination. I have been using opiates/heroin for well over 5 years now, and nearly every time I hear about someone overdosing & dying, it is either a result of benzos+opiates/alcohol, or from relapsing without stopping to think about how low their tolerance has become. A third killer is easily a result from mixing heroin with cocaine. It is true that many experienced users are able to handle a speedball, but even with a high tolerance, people still have died. And I assure you, cocaine overdose is NOT fun. The majority of users don't speedball, and if you haven't tried coke+heroin IV, do yourself a favor and just don't try it or your addiction will get far worse. I sincerely hope any heroin/opiate/benzo/alcohol users will heed my warning & remember this vital information forever. Share it with your friends, but most of all, be SAFE. ~ soli

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