Mallinckrodt fentanyl extraction.

TABLES Dose Size Fentanyl Content (mcg/hr) (cm2) (mg)

25 7.8 2.75 50 15.6 5.50 75 23.4 8.25 100 31.2 11.0

Active ingredients Fentanyl HCl

Inactive ingredients Hydroxypropyl Cellulose Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Copolymer (19% Vinyl acetate) Dipropylene Glycol Dimethicone Dimethicone 350 Heptane

Backing film (which is a layer of PET foil)

The Fentanyl (which also contain Dipropylene glycol/Hydroxypropyl cellulose) Note both are completely inactive minus the fentanyl.

The thing that controls the rate of delivery


Scrape back the first layer (backing film) using a box cutter starting at one of the edges, and pull slowly back until it is gone. Discard/Scrape the remaining residue off of it. Mix at a 1:100 mixture of Fentanyl:Mannitol using light heat using 9ml's of water and 1ml of Ethanol. Until the solution is where you can not see any powder left. Using an oral syringe/Pipette place in your nasal spray bottle. (Make sure to shake before using each time, and to use proper safety materials during this entire process)

13mg - If making a ~100ug solution (using the standard of .125ml/spray comes to 104 sprays) You would need the 13mg's of fentanyl and 1300mg of mannitol mixed together in a 10ml bottle would come out to 104ug/spray. Change to liking.

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