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DXM (also known as 'DM' or 'Dextromethorphan') is an over-the-counter antitussive (cough treatment) which when taken at doses exceeding the recommended therapeutic range becomes a powerful dissociative drug which also has some psychedelic properties.

The high is not for everyone; it is said to loosely follow the rule of thirds: one third hates it, one third doesn't care, and one third like it.

DXM manifests its effects in a series of plateaus, with dose determining which plateau (and subsequently which effects) one will experience. Lower dose plateaus can be well suited to relaxation, light social interaction and listening to music, however higher doses result in a more encompassing dissociative experience which does not lend itself to attentive presence. At high doses your mind becomes as big as the universe. Strong experiences of detachment, depersonalization, and out-of-body experiences are commonly experienced with DXM at higher doses. These all-encompassing states are startling and uncomfortable for some.

DXM does not typically show up in normal drug tests however it can produce false positive results for PCP and/or Opioids in extended or specialized drug tests. Proper occasional use should not produce these false-positive results after a couple days have passed.

Different Forms


Your best best is to do an extraction, but that takes time/effort that most people arent willing to do. It's super easy though so its worth taking a look into Agent Lemon extraction.


The syrup is very downer-ish. You might feel sluggish while on it, but it gives a more 'solid' trip.

Gel Caps

The cough gels are amazing. Its very much a clear-headed feeling.


There's also the corcedin cough and cold pills (triple c's). These things are really small but contain 30mg per pill. Most of the corcedin comes with other additives that mess with your heart rate or give you a high dose of antihistame. As always, make sure the only active ingredient is DXM.


Delsym is another product which contains Dextromethorphan Polistrex.

This is an extended release form of DXM (longer trip) that is much more mild and gentle, but it is IMPOSSIBLE to get to the third plateau on it, which is good for beginners.


DXM doses are affected by weight. See this chart for easy dosing. Dosage refers to DXM HBR. HBR and Polistirex doses vary significantly due to polistirex slow absorbsion rate. (1mg of DXM polistirex is equivalent to about 6mg DXM HBR)

Light 100-200mg
Common 200-400mg
Strong 300-600mg
Heavy 600-1500mg
Risk of death 2.2g+


Total 6-8 hours


Redosing is not advised.

It's better to know how much you've taken at the start of the trip, rather than guestimate how much you're on as you keep dosing. The effects will start to come in waves and may not be pleasant. If you feel the need, it's recommended to take a high initial dose and a lower dose 1-2 hours in.


One should make sure there is only DXM in the product they are taking. Grapefruit juice can potentiate dxm due to intactions with cytochrome P450.[1]



  • Euphoria, mood lift
  • Increased giggling and laughing
  • Dissociation of mind from body (positive when sought)
  • Creative dream-like experiences
  • Increased tactile sensation
  • Some users report empathy and forgiveness towards other people


  • Pupil dilation
  • Visual stop motion effect (flanging or strobing)
  • Visual and aural (auditory) hallucinations
  • Decreased sexual functioning (difficulty achieving orgasm)
  • Confusion, disorientation
  • Skin sensitivity, alters tactile (touch) and skin sensations
  • Robotic, zombie-like walking, "robo-walk"
  • Discoordination, reduced agility
  • Loss of appetite
  • Involuntary flexing of muscles
  • Feelings of merging with adjacent objects like a couch or bed (with higher doses)


  • Vomiting
  • Dizzyness
  • Body itching
  • Rash, red blotchy skin
  • Diarrhea
  • Fever
  • Tachycardia (racing, pounding heart)
  • Some users report feeling disconnected, isolated from others


  • Some users report hangover or depression that might last up to a few days.


The robo-walk feels like all of the muscles in your body are activated at once. You can still walk but forget about running or balance. Imagine the large muscles in your body all tensing up at once, so to walk you don't try to move your leg, you try and relax it in the way you want to go. Detailed coordination such as running, jumping, or maneuvering around furniture becomes much harder if not impossible. However, when you hit the third you really wouldn't want to be moving around anyway. The best thing to do is get a good pair of headphones, turn off the lights, close your eyes and let your mind wander.


There are two kind of trips: Sub third and beyond second plateau. If you take a first or second plateau dose, it's totally possible to socialize. Lower plateau doses are relatively easy to hide compared to higher plateau doses. Since you're dissociating yourself, you can remove yourself from awkward social situations or chaotic events. It would also be fun to chill in your room and play a video game and listen to music. The music will get better and you'll get more spacey. If you take a third or fourth plateau dose, it's recommend to trip alone, as it's not a social drug at this dose. The best way to enjoy it is to lay back and listen to music with your eyes closed. If you've ever meditated, you know how your mind can wander without your control. On DXM, you have a tendency to 'unlock' hidden memories. So the best thing is to let your mind take you where it wants to go. It usually knows whats best.

Choosing your destination plateau will depend a lot on what other drugs you've done and how comfortable you are with your mind.

There are four 'stages' to DXM trips called plateaus. The first two are very similar, and the last two are similar.

First Plateau

Feels a bit 'off'. Perhaps like you're a bit buzzed from alcohol or a big hit off a bong.

First Plateau dose: 1-2mg/lb.

Second Plateau

You feel like your stoned. Your consciousness feels like it's distancing itself from reality, like it's taking a 'step back' into yourself. The second is supposed to be fun, it's introducing you to the idea that reality is a dream. Music is awesome to listen to and you can walk outside and perhaps hallucinate a small-mild amount. You can socialize with friends and they might take you for sober, or you could say you're slightly drunk.

Second Plateau dose: 2-5mg/lb.

Hold on!

Most people stop their DXM journey here, as the final two are not really 'fun' but 'enlightening'. We don't recommend crossing this threshold until you're ready to move on from games of the mind to exercises of the consciousness. Enjoy the 2nd plat as long as you can because right now it's more of a fun experience and there is no going back once you've been here. It's like once you see what's behind the curtain, you can't enjoy the show. Not to say that its not enjoyable, but it looses it's fun charm.


Inside your mind is an entirely new universe to explore. You think of water and an ocean appears. You create universes and live lifetimes inside your mind. That's what the higher plateaus do.

Third Plateau

This is where you start tripping. You cannot ignore the feeling inside of you. At this point its no longer a social drug and should be done by yourself or with a sitter. This is most akin to an acid trip: it feels very distorted and lasts a couple hours. The third plateau isn't 'party-mode' or even 'socialize-mode'. Its more like 'alone-and-tripping-mode'.

Third Plateau dose: 5-7.5mg/lb.

Fourth Plateau

This is the deep meditative state. Few people enjoy going this far, as all you can really do (or want to do) is sit, listen to music, close your eyes, and become god. You can create universes in your mind just by thinking of them.

Fourth Plateau dose: 7.5-10mg/lb.

Harm Reduction

See Dissociative Harm Reduction for general information.

It is important to select the correct product to use. Products should have only DXM. Guaifenesin will cause extreme nausea and/or emesis. Acetominophen overdose is hepotoxic.


DXM has the potential to cause Serotonin Syndrome if mixed with other drugs that work on seretonin. It causes discomfort, excitability, irritability, and can even be deadly[2]. Antidepressants and other agents that act on seretonin must be avoided.





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