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Several 10mg Adderall IR pills

Adderall is a commonly prescribed stimulant to treat ADHD and ADD. Adderall is a 3:1 mixture of dextroamphetamine and levoamphetamine. Adderall is commonly found in two forms, IR and XR. IR is instant release, while XR is extended release. Adderall XR releases half of the dosage immediately, and the other half 4 hours later. Adderall, containing amphetamine, is exceedingly similar to other forms of the substance, though with Adderall the constitution and doses are known.


Adderall was originally developed from an amphetamine blend drug called Obetrol, prescribed for obesity and weight loss. This drug was a mix of racemic amphetamine (dl-amphetamine), d-amphetamine, and racemic methamphetamine. This made sense, as it was for weight loss, so the peripheral effects of l-amphetamine were actually useful as an anorexic and as a thermogenic. It was later reformulated without the methamphetamine, but also without FDA approval. When Richwood Pharmaceuticals bought Rexar, the company making Obetrol, they rebranded the reformulated Obetrol (without the methamphetamine) as Adderall, and began marketing it for ADD/ADHD.


Adderall XR is extended release Around 50% of the dose is released instantly, the other half over the next four hours. Effects take a while to begin, and last much longer.

Light 5-15mg
Common 15-40mg
Strong 40-75mg
Heavy 75-125+mg
Light 5-10mg
Common 10-30mg
Strong 30-50mg
Heavy 50-80+mg


Onset 15-30 minutes
Total (IR) 2-4 hours
Total (XR) 6-10 hours
Onset 1-5 minutes
Total (IR) 2-4 hours
Total (XR) 6-10 hours



  • Increased focus
  • Abundance of energy
  • Increased motivation

Goodbye moonmen

Harm Reduction

  • Avoid driving and operating heavy machinery
  • Recommended time (pauses) between using the substance
  • Adderall can be extremely addictive, and abuse can lead to stimulant psychosis, a very dangerous disorder.

Goodbye moonmen


Adderall can interact negatively with many drugs mainly tramadol, APAP, buproprion, and many anti-depressants.

Adderall mixed with downers like Benzodiazepines can also cause adverse reactions.

Legal status

  • Canada: Schedule I
  • UK: Class B
  • Thailand: Category 1
  • United States: Schedule II