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Ethylmorphine (3-ethoxy-morphine) is a synthetic opioid very similar in effect to the naturally occurrying codeine (3-methoxy-morphine). As such, it has broadly the same effects as codeine. Ethylmorphine has been describing "as less potent than morphine but slightly more potent than codeine.[1] Keep that in mind when dosing.

Medically, ethylmorphine is primarily used as an ingredient in cough suppression products. It is not approved for sale in the United Stated.

Typical of opoiods, it can provide euphoria, anxiety relief, sedation, nausea. Please refer to the page on codeine for more information about effects.


Light 50-75mg
Common 75-175mg
Strong 175+ mg
Ceiling 400-600mg


Onset 30-45 minutes
Duration 3-5 hours

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