Connecting to TripSit using a Desktop/Laptop Client

This depends on the operating system you are running:



You might want to select the Windows 7 version while downloading the Windows 10 redirects you to the Windows store



  • To get started, create a new connection in Textual: Navigate to the main menu in the top left corner of the screen, open the Server menu, then click the item labeled Add Server… when the menu appears.
Textual Network Configuration
  • Each number in the image above indicate where you will place the information that has been collected.
    • Name the Network/Server as Tripsit
    • Field #1: Enter the domain name i.e
    • Field #2: Enter the network port i.e. 6697
    • Field #3: Enable the Connect Securely checkbox
  • With the Add Server… window still open, click the Identity tab on the left side navigation list.
    • A window will appear that is visually similar to the following:
User Details
    • In the field labeled Nickname is where you will enter your registered or choice of nick.
    • Choose some alternative nicks.
    • In the field labeled Username is where you will enter your registered or choice of nick.
    • Enter your registered Password or leave it empty.
  • Click on Save and Connect to TripSit


  • Reaching the Network details form
  • If you open up Hexchat for the first time it will display a list of networks.
  • If you cant find this press Ctrl+S to pull up the Network List. Note: Please press enter after entering details in the text field to save said changes or they revert to their defaults.
  • Click on Add
  • Enter the name as TripSit and mark it as favourite so that it is easy to find.
  • Click on Edit while TripSit network is selected.

Filling the network details for TripSit.

  • Enter the following details.
  • Text:
    • Servers:
    • Check the boxes for:
      • Use SSL.
      • Accept invalid SSL.
    • Enter Nick and Fallback Nicks.
    • If you have registered please use SASL to authenticate.
      • Ensure the “User name:” field contains the name(nick) that was registered.
      • Enter the password used during registration.

Now optionally you can click on the tab which says Autojoin Channels and add some channels by default like:

  • #drugs
  • #lounge
  • #sanctuary
  • #tripsit

Remember to hit Return (Enter) to register the changes you have made'

Once you have filled up the fields, please click “Close” and after having highlighted/selected the “TripSit” network click on connect.

  • Image Reference

Hexchat Network Configuration


pass the following commands: replace contents with <> with whats applicable to you.

/NETWORK ADD -sasl_username <registerednick> -sasl_password <password> -sasl_mechanism PLAIN tripsit

/SERVER ADD -network tripsit -tls 6697

Note: Adding channels to Autojoin seems to be a bit of a task with IRSSI"

/CHANNEL add -auto #drugs tripsit

/CHANNEL add -auto #lounge tripsit

/CHANNEL add -auto #tripsit tripsit


/CONNECT tripsit


Pass the following commands: replace contents having a <> with whats applicable to you.

/server add tripsit -ssl

/set irc.server.tripsit.ssl_verify off

/set irc.server.tripsit.sasl_username <registeredname>

/set irc.server.tripsit.sasl_password <passwordhere>

/set irc.server.tripsit.ssl_dhkey_size 1024 (dont ask >_>)

/set irc.server.tripsit.realname <realname>

/set irc.server.tripsit.autojoin "#drugs,#lounge,#tripsit" (etc)


/connect tripsit


Go to Server List

It can be opened by pressing the CTRL + S hotkey, by typing /serverlist or by opening Server -> Serverlist in the Menubar. Please refer to the following screenshots as a reference:

Click on Save and then Connect

Guides for Mobile Clients and other popular Desktop clients will be added shortly!

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