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This little-known member of the Amaryllis Family

is alleged to have psychoactive or even hallucinogenic

effects (Farnsworth 1972, 68*). The biologically

active alkaloid ungminorine was discovered

in this plant (Abdymalikova et al. 1966). However,

not even the botany of this plant is well understood

(Schultes and Farnsworth 1982, 187*). It

may have been confused with Boophane disticha.

Abdymalikova, N. v., Y. B. Zakirov, and I. K. Kamilov.

1966. Some pharmacological activities of the new

alkaloid ungminorine. Akad. Nauk. Uz. SSR,

Khim. BioI. Otd. Jg.:36-40.

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