This document is the primary staff orientation document. It includes a general overview of the network, and coverage of staff members‘ duties, responsibilities, and expectations. Articles containing additional information, including specific information related to particular staff roles will also be linked from here. Please ensure that you are familiar with these articles, as they will teach you what you need to know to perform your role.


The TripSit network was founded by Techno_shaman (Teknos) in on September 26th, 2011. It progressed into an IRC channel on September 2, 2012 and continues to increase its focus around harm reduction and providing a safe community for the world's Psychonaut community. It has since grown into a website, live web radio, and social network. So far, we have helped countless people in many different ways. We have been featured by MAPS and we've had several news articles written about us. We're currently expanding our social network and working on developing a real-life presence at festivals and concerts, and you're invited to be a part in the next step in growing our network.

Staff Duties and Guidelines

Staff members are positive, nice, respectful and professional in their dealings with members whether regular or staff; they represent the entire network! We want people who have leadership skills and can enforce rules while still promoting a positive environment. They guide conversation to an acceptable level of quality by being firm, while maintaining a positive and supportive attitude.

All staff members agree to uphold the code of conduct.

Keep the Peace

You will be expected to know the network policies and procedures as listed here. Regardless of their role, staff will enforce our rules, recognize misinformation, request citations when needed, and deal with trolls. Remember: No info > bad info. If a user is trolling, becoming overly aggressive, or otherwise causing a problem, staff may ~quiet (syntax below) them in #tripsit and #sanctuary, and ~report them in other channels. Non-staff are welcome to ~report them, and a staff member will come by to take care of it.

Populate other channels

Move conversations to appropriate channels, for example: #psychonaut' for spiritual talk, #lounge for general chat, #psychopharm for chemistry discussion, #sanctuary for positive trip environment' and #tripsitvip for regulars chat.

Be Involved

Try to get involved with the various other TripSit projects. Learn to DJ, contribute to the Wiki. Contribute Contribute Contribute! We want you on the team! We want your input! Speak to operators or admins to find out what you can work on.

Staff Roles

While we want all of our staff members to be role models and regular contributors. All staff supervise and advance a part of the TripSit network. Please ensure you are familiar with the role-specific orientation documents linked below.

  • TripSitters – These are the backbone of the network. Providing assistance in our tripsitting channels, and limited user management.
  • Guardians – Entry-level position maintaining a positive environment, often with a focus on a particular channel. Limited moderation powers.
  • Moderators – Keeping the peace and ensuring a positive environment throughout the network.

Communication and Resources

Communication is extremely important and as such our team communicates in a number of different ways.


Required Staff Channels

All staff members should be on at least these channels:

  • #tripsit', #tripsit1, #tripsit2, #tripsit3': Our flagship channels for immediate assistance. Please idle here and if you see someone ping you with the !tripsit or ~tripsit command do your best to respond. Remember: KIP! (Keep it positive!)
  • #tripsitters: Our "control room" for discussing and managing experiences in #tripsit. Use this channel to discuss tripsitting cases, and to help other tripsitters.
  • #drugs: This channel is not your main priority but you are welcome to help guide the conversation here. This channel is by far our network's busiest channel.
  • #teamtripsit: This is our primary staff communication channel. Please put this on your autojoin to discuss events on the network with other staff. Don't be afraid to reach out and ask questions! This is a channel for all staff to discuss network issues. #tripsit issues take priority here and social chat will need to stop if a tripsitter needs assistance. You may be asked to move a social conversation to #tripsitvip if it is quiet.

Other Staff Rooms

  • This is the meta-TripSit channel. We discuss things that impact the network outside of IRC or when a serious issue needs to be talked about in a quieter room. Tripsitters are welcome to join to discuss a particular issue but not to idle. Other non-staff may join this room to discuss an issue with the upper-admin team, but they are not allowed to idle after their issue is resolved.



TripCloud is our document handling platform, hosted here. We have a large amount of documents here on different subjects.

  • Only staff members have access to the cloud by default. Message an admin if you lack access.


Staff members are entitled to an email address. This email should be used for staff communication only.

/r/tripsit subreddit

Remember that a fair amount of tripsitting happens on the /r/tripsit subreddit, so try to check there frequently for anyone who needs help! If you're a heavy reddit user, you can ask Teknos to be made a moderator on the subreddit. Once this happens, you will be asked to comment and flair posts.


This Wiki is a good source for information about the network, harm reduction information and staff information. Especially index of Guides

Basic Staff Commands

This section will list the basic tripbot commands you'll use in the course of your activity as staff, split up by position. You can find information about how to use the commands, and about the wider set of commands available at here, or by asking another staff member. You can also find this information, along with some usage guidelines, on the individual position orientation pages.


  • ~notify
  • ~timeout


  • ~notify
  • ~timeout
  • ~quiet
  • ~unquiet
  • ~warn
  • ~addnote


  • ~notify
  • ~timeout
  • ~quiet
  • ~unquiet
  • ~warn
  • ~addnote
  • ~nban
  • ~nunban

Applications and New Staff

If you or someone you know wants to join Team TripSit then direct them to this page.

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