This article is to provide an in depth overview of the clear command. Useable by anybody with the +R flag. All commands are used via /msg chanserv clear #channel category

Bans {type}

  • Type is the flag you want cleared. Valid arguments are I, e, b, and q. If there's a question as to what you can clear via this command, use /msg chanserv clear #channel bans + This will provide a list of the flags you can clear with this command. Wildcard * is accepted


  • This command will clear all flags from a channel, except those with +F (Founder) set. This operation cannot be undone, any flags you wish to re-set must be added manually.

Users {reason}

  • This command will kick all users from a channel except the person running the command. Reason is an optional command, and is shown to the users when clear is ran. If you run this command while not in the channel, you will automatically join. This is useful to forward to a new channel, by setting modes +if #channel and clearing the current channel, users will be kicked, and any rejoins will be forwarded to the new channel. You must be opped in both rooms to forward to it

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