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General Information

LSA is the generalized name for a class of psychedelic seeds and plants, along with some fungi, that contain the chemical Ergine. Ergine is a potent psychoactive and a precursor to synthesizing LSD.


Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds (HBWR)

Light: 1-2 seeds

Common: 2-6 seeds

Strong: 6-14 seeds

Heavy: 14 seeds+

Morning Glory seeds

Light: 50-100 seeds

Common: 100-250 seeds

Strong: 250-400 seeds

Heavy: 400+ seeds


Onset: 30-180 minutes

Duration: 4-10 hours

After-effects: Some users report a hangover, characterized by a feeling of mental sluggishness and dulled emotions.

Legal status

Ergine, the active component in LSA, is schedule III in the USA. It is considered a precursor to LSD.

However, plant seeds containing ergine are legal to purchase and possess, but not consume.


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